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What’s stopping you?

5 Oct

“I just need that million dollar idea” “I don’t have enough money to start a business” “I don’t have the right skills”

There are probably a million more reasons why people don’t pursue business or become an entrepreneur. We’re all waiting for the ‘right time’. We tell ourselves that we need to reach a certain level before we act. We put things off for years thinking we have all the time in the world! Some of us are probably even waiting for the stars to align and for the world to stop spinning before they decide to chase their dreams. It’s all ridiculous. There’s no right time! You can plan as much as you want but anything and everything in your life can change in an instant!

That’s why I’m asking the question “What’s stopping you?”

What’s stopping you from leaving your job that you’re so unhappy in? What’s stopping you from applying for that business start up funding? What’s stopping you from working on your passion in your spare time? What is it?

In the past I have asked myself these same questions…and yes I came up with excuses. I could’ve written you a book containing all my reasons. But when I revisited these reasons…each time the answer pointed back to me. I was the problem (still am).

I’ve been on this entrepreneurial journey for about a year and a half now. I have tried and failed at a few things including making and selling gift hampers, tutoring and setting up a concierge business. I’m not bitter about any of these because they have taught me invaluable lessons. But it dawned on me the other day that the greatest challenge I’m facing on my journey is my mind set! That’s right. It’s not my competitors. It’s not the amount of resources I have and it definitely isn’t about my skills (I have 2 degrees for goodness sake!). The common denominator was always ME. Each time I came to a hurdle or a setback I would get discouraged and give up and move on to the next task.

So I asked myself how badly do I want it?

And honestly before I had my daughter…deep down I would have answered not that much. I may not have admitted it but that would have been the true answer. I realised I didn’t want it that much because when I came up against trials I was quick to back down. I was quick to say…well maybe this isn’t for me and I would give up! But since having my daughter, everything I’m doing has so much more purpose. I look at her and I realise I’m not just living for myself anymore…in fact, this time next year I’ll be a wife AND a mother! I have responsibilities. I have to be accountable.

That’s why I’m starting to look at entrepreneurship in a different light. It is the ultimate teacher of perseverance…I thought it was a career choice for the talented and the highly skilled. But when I really started to understand it, I realised that it is just a test of mental strength and whether I’m willing to keep going right to the end!

What ideas have you never put into action? What’s stopping you from achieving them today?

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5 ways to increase your earning potential as an entrepreneur

20 Jul

In previous posts I established the limitations of self-employment and the restrictions it can have on your earning potential.

But the question is…how can you increase your earning potential as an entrepreneur?


First up is delegation. Having people work for you not only helps to spread the work load but allows your business to reach a wider range of people. Bringing people on board to work for you gives you more time to focus on working ON the business, rather than IN it!


Now that you’ve taken yourself out the equation you can replace it with systems. Creating a system is a great way to ensure your business remains running even when you’re not there. The success of the business is no longer solely reliant on you, it is now reliant on the system. This ensures that your business can be run and managed by anyone. This is advantageous because it helps to create continuity.


If done correctly, distribution can take your business from 0 – 100 ! If you have a product your main aim should be to put it in front of as many people as possible. That way it increases your chances of sales. No matter the idea or product, with the right marketing and distribution your business can take off! Obviously it takes a lot of hard work but when you look at the examples of successful businesses you can see they have mastered the art of distribution e.g McDonald’s.


This way is more for the creative ventures such as writing, painting, music etc. By creating a unique product which you claim ownership over, means you have the right to sell this on for profit. This means that even after the original effort has been completed you can still benefit from the work you put in. For example, writing a book may take you months or even years to complete but if written well, could provide you with regular income for years to come.

Repeatable services

Creating a business that requires your client to come back month after month will help provide your business with a steady income stream. For example, monthly subscription services are a great way to gain that commitment from customers. It not only provides customers with a guaranteed service but it also helps stabilise business income. Gaining commitment from customers through direct debits is desirable to help generate a regular income for your business.

So there you have it! 5 ways to get you thinking about increasing your earning potential as an entrepreneur. All of these suggestions can contribute to your set up for a lifetime of residual income.

Please share any more tips below!


Ambitious Women; Let’s hear from Jackie

18 Jul

Name | Jackie Taiwo

Tell us a random fact about yourself | I taught myself to play the piano when I was 12 and was pretty good for a few years, but I haven’t touched a piano in over a decade now.

What is your current occupation? | I work full time building my new business, Melariche (www.melariche.com), an online makeup & skincare catering to women of colour. On any given day, I may be working on web design, marketing & sales strategy, brand curation, operations management, social media…the list goes on and on. We launch in August, so everything is super busy, but it’s so fulfilling to work on a project that you’re passionate about and believe in.


Would you class yourself as an ambitious woman?| Most definitely. I’m always in pursuit of a goal I’ve set for myself whether that be in my personal life or career related. What’s interesting though is how I have been able to jump onto new opportunities without looking back. I studied engineering college, but decided to work in corporate finance after graduation. After working a few years, I then decided to pursue a joint law-business graduate degree (thinking I would move into business role within the entertainment industry), and by second year of grad school decided I just had to leave the country and was hired by an international law-firm willing to relocate me after graduation. I was able to transition at each stage because I did not believe my path was limited by my current experience at that time. And I think having ambition is being able to see a vision for yourself beyond what society or your environment says you should do.

Have you always been ambitious? If not what was the turning point for you? | I think my ambition was engrained in me early by mother, who passed away in 2002. My mother was born in the deep south in the height of Jim Crow (quite literally born on the land her grandparents were enslaved on), but she was not someone who let her circumstance limit her vision. At 19, single and pregnant, she moved to the New York by herself to give her family more opportunity. She worked hard, got married and was able to buy a home with ten years. Fast forward to 1981, five kids later, a single mother now, she decided to get her bachelor’s in nursing while pregnant with me and graduated with a degree from one of the best nursing programs in New York. I watched her step up in the community whenever it was needed. Our local HeadStart program needed a bus driver to take local kids (including myself) to the school. With six kids, a full-time job, she made to time to volunteer to drive that bus. I can name countless instances where she was first in line to help those in need. Like so many black women, she all did this without seeking recognition and was not incredibly vocal about her achievements. I doubt she would have even called herself ‘ambitious.’ She did what she thought was necessary to provide for herself, her family and her community. But her ability to see & create opportunity has had a big impact on me. She did not let her struggles define her and that’s a powerful mindset. In my toughest times, I think this type of ambition has been so powerful in motivating me to push on.

Jackie 2.jpg

What is your biggest achievement to date? | My 4-year-old daughter has to be my biggest achievement. She’s beautiful, super smart and headstrong. Outside of that, I would say quitting my job as a corporate lawyer after 5 years. Yes, quitting was a huge achievement for me. I was so unhappy and not living in my purpose but I was incredibly afraid to quit. Overcoming that fear was huge feat and I’m so proud that I was able to do it. Fear can really cloud your ambition, so letting that go was a major step for me and has allowed me to progress to where I am today – one month away from launching Melariche!

What is your long term vision for yourself? | My vision is massive. I want to grow Melariche into a ‘Sephora for women of colour’ and really shake up the beauty industry which has ignored women with darker skin for far too long. I want to eventually build Melariche stores all around world. Our tagline is ‘Celebrate Your Beauty’ because our brand represents beauty in all colours and sizes. Women are constantly told that they need to a look a certain way in order to be beautiful or to be successful. I want to challenge that notion by encouraging women to look however they want, wear whatever makeup they want, do their hair however they want, and that’s okay and beautiful because it’s YOU and you have been and will always be enough. Live life on your own terms and break the mould!

It’s also incredibly important to give back and I’d like to start a program that empowers vulnerable women to see possibility beyond their immediate struggle and pass on the mindset that my mother gave to me.

What have you sacrificed or willing to sacrifice to achieve your vision? | I’ve given up a lot of my time. I work on Melariche in every free moment because there is always something to do. The to-do list never ends. This unfortunately means I struggle to be present when I’m with my daughter and husband, and at times I’m afraid I won’t feel the effects of this until years later. But my husband is incredibly supportive and every day I block out time that is just for me and my daughter (working on putting the phone down!).

What advice can you give to other ambitious women that want to pursue their dreams but are afraid to do so? | Optimism. Remove the word “can’t” from your vocabulary. The power of being positive cannot be understated. Talk about your vision confidently – even if you don’t have the resources – focus on what you can accomplish and make a growth plan and believe in it.

Also, I think it’s important to pause and set aside a few days to literally write down your 3-year or 5-year plan, whether it’s for your business or career.  Write down what you want to achieve and be as detailed as possible about how you’re going to achieve it – force yourself to be realistic, take note on your strengths and include a plan to work on your weaknesses. Have someone you trust read it and to help determine if the plan you’ve set out will actually get you the results you seek. Also, write down contingencies for each stage, knowing that even if you execute your plan perfectly, sh*t happens beyond your control requiring you to pivot. But when that time comes you’ll be prepared because you know there’s a plan B.


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My reality of failing

18 May

If you’re a fan of motivational speakers such as Tony Robins and Les Brown you’ll be familiar with their mantra on the importance of failing. These speakers amongst many others always stress that to be successful you must fail; because failure is a way to learn. I’ve heard it many times and I thought I believed it, I really did…but I soon realised I was lieing to myself.

Let’s talk honestly about failing. It’s a horrible feeling. Possibly one of the worst. It can create insecurity and doubt in the mind. It can make you question your actions and stop you from pursuing your dreams in an instant.The subtle reminder of past failures can become quite tormenting. It suggests to you each time that you’re inadequate, you’re the reason why you haven’t made it and you’re ultimately the FAILURE. But for those that are ambitious you need to accept that failure is inevitable! It’s something you HAVE to deal with. Working towards your goals means a lot of trials and errors along the way! But your drive and determination is what will keep you going despite the guarantee of failure.

Personally, I don’t fail well. I’ve grown up with a ‘little miss perfect’ complex. I never really stepped foot out of line at school and I minimised risks wherever possible throughout life. I thought that staying within my comfort zone meant that I would avoid failure. I went through school doing minimal work and came out with OK grades. Setting my standards low was a way to protect myself…because if I ever did fail I could justify it with the fact that I didn’t try my hardest so it didn’t matter.

But this post has come about because I recently experienced a few obstacles, setbacks and barriers. I still don’t like to fail and even though I push myself each day I’ll be honest, the thought of failing haunts me each time.

I’m currently building a business in financial education and along the way I’ve hit a few hurdles, barriers and road blocks! (to say the least) which has discouraged me on so many levels. Paperwork and admin are an essential part of every business and it must be done correctly to ensure accuracy. I was met with a task where I had to complete some paperwork in a short space of time. I wasn’t completely familiar with the processes and I felt a bit overwhelmed about having to complete it quickly. I got it wrong; a few times and I made errors. I wanted to quit. I contemplated giving up and justifying to myself that this business venture wasn’t for me. But I could see a trend and I told myself I can’t give up this time round. So I stuck at it and completed the paperwork. I put in 100%!

So it’s important that if when you fail you realise that it’s all apart of the process. If the journey to the top was easy…a lot more people would be up there. So remember to keep your mental state in check. Be honest with yourself. Give 100% and don’t make excuses! If you’re met with failure, acknowledge it and keep it moving!

[As always, I write these posts as motivation to myself. I’m still learning. I’m still developing but hopefully along my journey I can help you all too!]

How do you cope with failure? Leave a comment below or drop me an email

“Let your dreams guide you”

Nat x

Ambitious Women; Let’s hear from Mica

20 Apr

Name | Mica Whyte

Tell us a random fact about yourself | I have never had a nosebleed

What is your current occupation? | Journalist and Menswear Product Manager

Would you class yourself as an ambitious woman? | I would most definitely class myself as an ambitious woman. My thing is, if you don’t try, you’ll never know. There have been opportunities that I have taken, that I haven’t been successful at, but I felt better knowing I tried something new. I see it as having more knowledge on an area that I did before I trying.

Have you always been ambitious? If not what was the turning point for you? | From a young age I’ve had goals that I wanted to achieve. From wanting to be an English teacher to a professional Netball player, I always worked on being one of if not the best at that craft. As I got older, those goals and dreams changed for me, but I’m still connected to them in some way. I studied Fashion Journalism at University and for the past 13 years; I have played Netball every Tuesday in my local adult league.

What is your biggest achievement to date? | I have had many achievements that I am really proud of, but the biggest for me is creating my own magazine as my final major project at university. I created a fashion and lifestyle menswear magazine called, XY.


What is your long-term vision for yourself? | My long-term vision is happiness. It is so important that in everything you do, you remain happy from within because it will shine on the outside. I have a few areas that I want to conquer. The first is to be a successful freelance Journalist having worked published at various publications, one of which is in New York. The second is to have my own shop selling different brands for men, women and children. The third is to be an inspirational public speaker to young people across the world.

 What have you sacrificed or willing to sacrifice to achieve your vision? | To do what I love, I sacrificed a decent paying job. I worked my four weeks notice but didn’t have another job to fall back on. All I knew is that I had to get out of the environment that I was in. In hindsight it wasn’t the sensible option, it was a selfish move as my boyfriend and I were saving to buy a house; but I knew deep down that God would make a way, I knew he would allow doors to open that wouldn’t have been possible if I stayed where I was and that’s what happened.mica

 What advice can you give to other young women that want to pursue their dreams but are afraid to do so? | I can’t stress enough not to give up, even when it seems really tough or money isn’t flowing. Do what you have to do but never give up. I say this because I gave up. I got my Fashion Journalism degree, but for a long time, I left it on the mantle piece and never picked it up. Thankfully, now I have been given that opportunity to fulfill my goals and I know my success may not happen overnight, but now that my eyes have been opened, I’m not going to stop.

Another great way to pursue your dreams is to travel when you can. I have found seeing how other people live and how other countries operate, have given me inspiration to achieve my goals. If you have a creative mind like me, this could come from seeing how people walk, how they talk, a colour, a smell and lifestyle. Keep a diary so that you don’t forget these ideas.

Mica 2


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Ambitious women; Let’s hear from Leah

9 Oct

Name Leah Binham

Tell us a random fact about yourself I was born 4 weeks premature and weighed the same as two bags of sugar and to top it off my head was massive (still is haha).

What is your current occupation? I am a Visual Merchandiser for home, fashion & beauty and I am also a Lifestyle blogger. For anyone who doesn’t know what a Visual Merchandiser is, I basically implement windows and in-store schemes from the painting, floor covering (glorified decorator/cleaner) to styling, positioning and branding. I also deal with POS such as banners, ticketing, and window graphics which are used for brand events and sales. I coordinate and put in place the launch of beauty/perfume window display promotions on a fortnightly basis.


Would you class yourself as an ambitious woman? YESSIR I do I do I do  oooooooooo haha… no doubt about

Have you always been ambitious? If not what was the turning point for you? I have always wanted to succeed in everything I do and I have ALWAYS gone for what I want no stopping me.  I wanted to move to London I did it, I wanted to be a Visual Merchandiser I did it and I always wanted to go to New York I DID IT ALL. I don’t believe in talking about things all day long just get your behind up and go do it.

What is your biggest achievement to date? My biggest achievement has been losing nearly 5 Stone, changing my lifestyle, becoming vegan and taking hold of my own happiness.

What is your long term vision for yourself? My long term vision is to maintain HAPPINESS 100%, live a simplistic lifestyle and buy bananas by the box every week. I also want to take over the healthy food scene with my brand Cakes & ish. Cakes & ish is a plant based food brand which uses no wheat, dairy, eggs or refined sugars. My biggest aim is to show people that they can have the foods they want but just in a healthier and much more beneficial way. So keep a look out for my funky, cool and quirky food spot one day!


Display table at the Cakes & Ish taster evening in September

What have you sacrificed or willing to sacrifice to achieve your vision? If I am really honest I would say that in trying to achieve my vision over the past 2 years or so my social life has been pretty non-existent. I had always wanted to go to New York so back in September 2014 I saved every penny I could for 4 months, all I did was work, gym and home. So interacting with other people was very minimal but it was necessary to do the things I wanted to achieve personally. My vision never ends at one exact point, my vision is the type of life I want to live so I will do everything I can to make it happen and keep it happening.

What advice can you give to other young women that want to pursue their dreams but are afraid to do so? If there is something you want instead of listing why you can’t possibly get it find out how to get, then work out how to keep hold of it. We waste a lot of precious time telling ourselves that we CAN’T when that whole time you could be doing what you said you couldn’t. Be yourself, trust yourself, arm yourself with knowledge and become the master of your craft. Remember only we can achieve our goals, dreams and ambitions because it all comes from within.

**Leah is a new friend of mine but since we started speaking we instantly clicked. Since then we speak practically everyday. I love her personality and positive vibes. Her vegan brand is going to do so well! I know it. Check out her awesome blog too for all things vegan and healthy. Make sure you show her some love!**


Me and her friend helping out at her recent event

Leah’s Instagram 



“The Ambitious Man”; Recap part 9

12 Aug

Approximately 7 weeks ago my series on “The Ambitious Man” started. This series aimed to explore the lives of ambitious men and to find out whether this had an impact on their relationships. I think it’s fair to conclude that ambitious men make a lot of sacrifices such as sleep, relationships, social life, money etc. The majority of men I interviewed were not in a relationship as they felt they wouldn’t be able to dedicate enough time to their partner. The ones that were in a relationship spoke about the difficulties in managing time and the importance of finding a balance! I think the real take home message is finding the balance in your life and making sure that even though you’re pursuing your dreams you’re not doing it at the expense of meaningful relationships.

If you missed out on the series or haven’t had the time to read all posts in detail here’s a quick run-down of what was discussed!

Part 1: Ladies, can you really handle an ambitious man? Ambitious men have unhealthy obsessions. They spend a lot of their time working on their craft so they can be the best. This often means that there may be less time to spend less time with you. Women in relationships with these types of men need to be emotionally stable, live a life of sacrifice and be very supportive.

Part 2: Take interest in his vision. It was discussed that it is important to have a connection and a common purpose whilst in a relationship with an ambitious man. Taking time to find out what his vision is about will ensure that you’re both on the same page and working towards the same goals.

Part 3: Nadina spoke about how she supports her husband by taking care of the home and family. She advised other young women to be as supportive as possible and make sure you both take time out to reconnect.

Part 4: First up to share their experiences was Michael Tefula an author and entrepreneur. He spoke about how he quit his corporate job to become an entrepreneur. A lot of his time is taken up working on his projects and he felt that being in a relationship with his current schedule would be difficult.

Part 5: Joshua was our rom-com fan and multi-talented ambitious man from Nottingham. He spoke about his vision of changing a generation and his addiction to self-improvement. He spoke about finding the balance in his current relationship and making sure his girlfriend feels loved even when he’s away.

Part 6: Dominic was our sweet toothed project manager and entrepreneur from London. He spoke about making big sacrifices and working round the clock to achieve his dreams. He also spoke about the positive side of being in a relationship with his supportive fiancé who now is getting used to the fact he doesn’t work a 9 – 5.

Part 7: Simon was our midnight owl business owner and high school teacher. He spoke about his company “Show up” which showcases quality art form talent. His long term vision was to make the company into a worldwide successful empire. He also spoke about the fact that being in a relationship could potentially hinder your success because of the amount of time needed to make it successful.

Part 8: Jeiso was our director and business owner. He spoke about sacrificing his relationships, girlfriends, hobbies and social life to work towards his goals. He openly spoke about his difficulty in juggling his business and a relationship that unfortunately didn’t work out. However, he sees the positives in this situation and says he now has more time to focus on pursuing his vision.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone that contributed to this series!

Please leave your comments below. I would love to hear what you all thought about this series? More of the same?


“The Ambitious Man”; Let’s hear from Jeiso Part 8

5 Aug

11821557_10155885808775072_1787062012_o (2)

  •  Name: John sambo
  • Tell us a random fact about yourself: I really wish to meet an Alien? or take a one-way trip out to space just to see with my eyes what is truly out there.
  • What is your current occupation?: Director, business owner.
  • What have you achieved in your profession that you’re most proud of?: Failing with a strong attitude and never losing spirit. To me that is a great achievement, most people fail and give up. In terms of a more recognisable achievement, I would say opening a dessert parlour called, Dine Desserts.

11837076_10155885808585072_908586445_o (2)

  • What is your long term vision for yourself?
    I want to continue being creative and most importantly being innovative.  My long-term vision is to be a very successful multi market businessman but mainly focused in tech and web based platforms. The question I always ask my self is how can you create a business that will add value to people’s lives?
  • What drives you to do what you do?
    I have a burning desire to make difference in the world and in my community through corporate social responsibility in Africa, Nigeria specifically. I want to be a Hero for my people, and for everyone else that needs it. I want to be great, I want to be the example, but most importantly to be the best version of my self I could possibly be.
  • What have you sacrificed or willing to sacrifice to achieve your vision?
    I have already sacrificed relationships, friends and girlfriends. My hobbies and social life has definitely been put on hold for the last 3 years. Countless hours of sleep, long hours of my time and a lot of money. However, I would sacrifice most of those things again and again to achieve my goals, because there is no other option for me but to be successful in what I have set out for myself.
  • Are you currently in a relationship? and how do you juggle your relationship with your work life? How do you think being single would change the pursuit of your vision?: I was in a relationship, until recently. The truth is I wasn’t able to juggle the two. It was always business, at home or away. When you have set goals and your so focused on achieving them, it is almost like playing a role in a movie an struggling to come out of character because you are passionate and have a strong desire. It takes a lot courage to invest your money, but then also a lot of energy to turn that in to a product or service, and even more energy just to maintain it. Having a new business is like having 3 new-born babies. You suddenly have no energy left for anything else, so it might seem like you are neglecting a relationship, or don’t care.The main benefit of being single is, it allows you 100% of your time and freedom. You can decide how to use it. Meanwhile In a relationship you automatically must dedicate time for your partner, you must consider them in all that you do, spend more, be proactive and use your initiate, remember things and go places. It is very hard to do that and run a new business
  • What characteristics would you look for in a woman? Feminine, Healthy, Self dependent (Not necessarily financially but also emotionally), Understanding, Loyal, Motivated, Kind and Non-selfish

Thanks for reading.

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“The Ambitious Man”; Let’s hear from Simon Part 7

5 Aug
  • Name: Simon Patrick
  • Tell us a random fact about yourself: I sleep sometime 4 hours per night, & sometimes go 48-72 hours without sleep, due to working on my company.
  • What is your current occupation? High school Teacher/ owner of my own company ‘ShowUp’.
  • What have you achieved in your profession that you’re most proud of? Traveling to China to teach hip-hop, to people of all ages, for a well respected dance company. Being head choreographer, having to ensure the smooth running of day to day classes, while preparing choreography for Chinese TV events. Being in China, & allowing myself to be engulfed by the culture, language, & teachings, has benefited me in my career & day to day life
  • What is your long term vision for yourself? My long term vision is to have a worldwide successful empire. My company ‘ShowUp’ will be a successful global company, being the front running business of displaying & providing quality ‘art-form’ talent. Also having the ShowUp website being one of the top social media sites in the world, & it’s steaming site to be used by millions each day. I wish to open several dance studios for my dance company Dynamic-Dance-Classes, starting off in the UK, then later branching overseas. Also being directly connected, would be a photography/video filming studios for photographers & film makers to hire out. However, these spaces could be used for other events i.e sand competitions, dance congress, concerts.
  • What drives you to do what you do? having a strong passion for what I do, wanting to be successful.
  • What have you sacrificed or willing to sacrifice to achieve your vision? I’ve sacrificed sleep, social life, relationships. And willing to sacrifice nearly anything to achieve my success.
  • Are you currently in a relationship? And do you think being in one would affect the pursuit of your vision? I’m currently not in a relationship. I believe being in one can hinders your success, due to the amount of time (physically & mentally) you must put into being in a relationship. Your partner must have a clear understanding of what they are getting themselves into. In my opinion, a lot of thought should be put into this decision, and not decided with pure emotion. You must be realistic about the situation, & know if they will be able to handle it all, while being supportive.
  • What characteristics would you look for in a woman? Intelligent, drive/hard-working, always wanting to learn new things, open minded, kind, self-worth and creative.

If you want to see/hear more about what Simon does please check out his social media pages

 Instagram: showup01

“The Ambitious Man”; Let’s hear from Joshua Part 5

22 Jul
  • Name: Joshua Muschett
  • Tell us a random fact about yourself: I don’t see myself as a human only, I see myself as a spiritual entity embodying my place in the universe therefore what I do is my ultimate purpose fashioned by the passion of fulfilment. Only joking, I secretly really like Rom Coms and Romantic films, (but don’t let the lads know!!)
  • What is your current occupation? Least eligible bachelor… It’s difficult to say because currently, I’m my own business owner called SE health consultancy which is designed to help people achieve health and fitness goals, a football player, and PE teacher, as well as an entrepreneur. In essence, I don’t really just occupy just one position, although I mostly occupy myself with the pursuits of my passion: football.
  • What have you achieved in your profession that you’re most proud of? My proudest achievement in football would be my self-development on a daily basis. I don’t think trophies that I’ve won or big games that I’ve played in really define me. I say that because it so hard to stay motivated when life consistently knocks you down. Therefore I think for me to push myself to wake up and train consistently to develop my talents when it would be so easy to quit and take the easy way out makes me proud, because after all it is the person you become that is the most important.
WP_20150311_14_19_06_Pro (3)

Joshua at a football training camp earlier this year

  • What is your long term vision for yourself? My long term vision is bringing myself to a level where I can inspire others to change a generation. Often I believe that people only believe when they see evidence, but to quote the Bible ‘blessed are those who have not seen but believe.’ I’m not comparing myself to Jesus Christ, but I believe that God has given us a purpose to achieve on this planet that can only be achieved by faith. So with His strength if I can execute the ideas and dreams that He has given me and give Him the glory, then I can use this to impact others and really make a difference in this world. It’s just like the Isrealites who had faith because they had seen God bring their forefathers out of bondage. So in today’s context people would be like ‘oh, God brought him out of his situation and raised him to that level, what God can God do for me if I ask?’
  • What drives you to do what you do? Ultimately what drives me is a must to be successful. I can’t tolerate not being the best, it burns me on the inside, don’t get me wrong I will hold my hand up when someone is better, or help someone to improve, but I’ve set a standard within myself where I believe it is a must for me to be the best. Also, I’m addicted to working on myself to self-improvement so that kind of helps!
  • What have you sacrificed or willing to sacrifice to achieve your vision? Nearly everything, I decided to stay in Nottingham to pursue my dream, which isolated me from family and friends, I didn’t really get to see anyone much, I was in a house by myself focusing on training. Also, I sacrifice socialising e.g. going cinema/out to eat date nights etc.  to work on my craft, But I am willing to do whatever it takes to make it, no sacrifice is too big!


  • Are you currently in a relationship?If yes, how do you juggle your relationship with your work life? How do you think being single would change the pursuit of your vision Yes I am in a relationship, I don’t think I juggle it very well, but I think’s it’s improving, however,you’d have to ask her though haha! When you’re making your vison happen, you really have very little time or brain space for much else. I currently spend a lot of time out training, working etc, and while travelling to & fro she’s always on my mind. Sometimes, you don’t have the patience for the ‘you’re never here’ argument and emotional stuff which seems petty. However it is important to catch yourself and not get on your ‘I’m doing me’ high horse. Just listen and make her feel loved and important. When I’m away I feel bad because I miss her but I know it’s for the greater good. If I was single, I wouldn’t have to think about anyone else, and I would be able to see people as my time allows, without them being expectant on my commitment, but the grass isn’t always greener, it’s an unrivalled advantage to have a good woman in your corner like mine…
  • What characteristics would you look for in a woman? I’m visual so immediately attracted to what she looks like, then I hear her talk to see if she sounds educated, by that I mean the ideas that she shares or what she likes to talk about. Mundane conversations about TV soaps, other people’s short comings or moaning about life is a turn off for me. I need my woman to be feisty, driven, have high standards of appearance, passionate and positive. I also definitely need someone who challenges me to better myself. A sporty girl is desirable but not essential, loyalty is though. But most importantly a good heart and honest, God fearing woman would be great as well!

Thank you for reading. Joshua is in fact my boyfriend. 5 1/2 years later and I’ve learned so much from him. He is one of the most driven and dedicated people I know and he inspires me in so many ways!

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