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Everyone has dreams but are you bold enough to live it?

1 May

“The graveyard is the richest place on earth, because it is here that you will find all the hopes and dreams that were never fulfilled, the books that were never written, the songs that were never sung, the inventions that were never shared, the cures that were never discovered, all because someone was too afraid to take that first step, keep with the problem, or determined to carry out their dream.” – Les Brown

Everyone has dreams. Whether or not they ever share them is irrelevant. Deep down we all have something we would like to achieve. We all like the idea of making an impact or leaving our mark on the world. Just try having a conversation with a stranger or even a loved one and ask them the question ‘what would you do if money wasn’t an issue?’. It is then they will start to reveal their true passions. They’ll begin to think of their deepest desires and explore the details that come with it. It’s amazing what people will share with you if you ask.

I had an eye test the other week and during my appointment my optician and I got talking. While she was carrying out the test she asked me what my plans were for the rest of the day. I told her I was on my way to a business meeting. She then began to ask me about it. She seemed interested so I didn’t mind sharing. I began to tell her that I had started a new venture just before Christmas and today I was meeting a potential supplier. I showed her pictures of my products and she seemed very impressed and encouraged me to keep on going.

The test was almost over and while she was typing up her notes I asked if she did anything outside of work too. I’m always intrigued by people’s lives and I genuinely wanted to know more about her. She immediately stopped typing turned round to face me, paused and then smiled. She said yes, I sell bags. She then began to go into detail about the bags and showed me pictures. She then continued to tell me about the types of people that would purchase one of the bags and how much they would spend each time. She spoke with such enthusiasm and passion, it was lovely to see.

“But” she said. “I work here from 8am-8pm, my days are busy I just don’t have the time to focus on my business”. So I said to her “if you really enjoy this hobby then you should make time for it”. She agreed but still couldn’t see how she could transition from employment into business.

This lady not only had a lovely product but also had customers. She knew her market, she had made the sales! However, she was still fearful of not having enough money and hence focused more on earning money rather than chasing her dreams. The Les Brown’s quote at the beginning of this post is unfortunately so very true. Many people bottle up their dreams and ideas and carry it with them to their grave. This lady obviously had a passion for selling bags but her job was too demanding to give her the time to work on her business. Unfortunately, she now potentially becomes another valuable depositor to the graveyard.

For me, I think it’s a shame. It’s a real shame that many people adhere to society’s unwritten rules that you need a job to give you income. Or the rule that job security is more important than freedom and happiness. Your job or anything for that matter should NEVER take away your happiness. Everyone deserves to be free and happy.

Now the sad thing is, this isn’t an isolated example. This lady is not the first person I’ve spoken to that has had a dream but hasn’t been able to put it into action. Fear and doubt constrain so many people. The thought of not having regular income paralyses a lot of us (let’s not lie here). So we opt for the more comfortable option to avoid the uncertainty. But in doing so don’t we sometimes lose sight of what’s important in life? I strongly believe that you should never be afraid to live your dreams.

So let’s not make the graveyards any richer. Let’s not carry our dreams to the grave. But let’s live them and in doing so we can inspire other people to live theirs.


Natalie x


Ambitious Introvert?

14 Dec

Being both ambitious and introverted comes with its challenges. I sat down the other day and wrote out a few things I regularly deal with. Sometimes I feel as if I’m being pulled in opposite directions and for my own peace of mind I’m constantly having to find the balance.

For example,

I want to come forward but I also want to be in the back

I want to be spontaneous and outgoing but I spend too long analysing possible outcomes

I want to run away from business meetings because they’re usually overdone and I have work to do

I want to lead but I also want to follow

I want to be an entrepreneur but risk and uncertainty terrifies me in more ways than one

I want to receive the recognition you deserve but you don’t want to be centre of attention

I want to go to business networking events but I really can’t be bothered with the small talk

I want great success but I don’t want to be scrutinised

I realise that some of these things I deal with are essential to my personal development and the progression of my businesses. As much as I want to be recognised for my work, I don’t want it done in a way that makes me centre of attention. There’s something calming about being in the backround. But the success I’m aiming for, it’s inevitable that I will need to come forward at some point. That’s why I have to  feel the fear and do it anyway!

So even though sometimes I want to be 100% introverted and stay home all day and read a book…I can’t. My ambitious side tells me to get up, get out and chase my dreams. I never see my introversion as a hindrance. I understand it is crucial to my success! what success can I achieve without careful thought and knowledge? and equally, what success can I achieve with no action? That’s why I’m learning to find a balance between both traits.

So if you’re an ambitious introvert. You’re not alone. Would love to connect! 

Leave a comment below. How do you balance the two?

Nat x

What’s stopping you?

5 Oct

“I just need that million dollar idea” “I don’t have enough money to start a business” “I don’t have the right skills”

There are probably a million more reasons why people don’t pursue business or become an entrepreneur. We’re all waiting for the ‘right time’. We tell ourselves that we need to reach a certain level before we act. We put things off for years thinking we have all the time in the world! Some of us are probably even waiting for the stars to align and for the world to stop spinning before they decide to chase their dreams. It’s all ridiculous. There’s no right time! You can plan as much as you want but anything and everything in your life can change in an instant!

That’s why I’m asking the question “What’s stopping you?”

What’s stopping you from leaving your job that you’re so unhappy in? What’s stopping you from applying for that business start up funding? What’s stopping you from working on your passion in your spare time? What is it?

In the past I have asked myself these same questions…and yes I came up with excuses. I could’ve written you a book containing all my reasons. But when I revisited these reasons…each time the answer pointed back to me. I was the problem (still am).

I’ve been on this entrepreneurial journey for about a year and a half now. I have tried and failed at a few things including making and selling gift hampers, tutoring and setting up a concierge business. I’m not bitter about any of these because they have taught me invaluable lessons. But it dawned on me the other day that the greatest challenge I’m facing on my journey is my mind set! That’s right. It’s not my competitors. It’s not the amount of resources I have and it definitely isn’t about my skills (I have 2 degrees for goodness sake!). The common denominator was always ME. Each time I came to a hurdle or a setback I would get discouraged and give up and move on to the next task.

So I asked myself how badly do I want it?

And honestly before I had my daughter…deep down I would have answered not that much. I may not have admitted it but that would have been the true answer. I realised I didn’t want it that much because when I came up against trials I was quick to back down. I was quick to say…well maybe this isn’t for me and I would give up! But since having my daughter, everything I’m doing has so much more purpose. I look at her and I realise I’m not just living for myself anymore…in fact, this time next year I’ll be a wife AND a mother! I have responsibilities. I have to be accountable.

That’s why I’m starting to look at entrepreneurship in a different light. It is the ultimate teacher of perseverance…I thought it was a career choice for the talented and the highly skilled. But when I really started to understand it, I realised that it is just a test of mental strength and whether I’m willing to keep going right to the end!

What ideas have you never put into action? What’s stopping you from achieving them today?

Leave a comment down below!

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Reflections of a mum-to-be; The ultimate sacrifice

27 Jul

***This post was originally written on the 10th July***

From the moment I first found out I was pregnant my body underwent some drastic changes. I noticed quite quickly that there was something foreign inside of me that was changing my body. My hormones were all over the place, I felt nauseous, I spent most of the day in bed, I was exhausted. There was nothing I could do about it, I just had to surrender and let my body do what it needed to do. They say the first 3 months of pregnancy are crucial as it’s when most of the development happens. So whether I liked it or not, I had to slow down and do what was best for my baby.

I became a slave to my hormones. I spent the last few months going from energetic to lifeless. There was no in between. I felt there was nothing I could do about it. I’ll be honest it was difficult for me to adjust to this as I’m the kind of person that likes to be on the go all the time. And for someone stubborn like myself being forced to slow down and take it easy…isn’t something that came naturally.

But aside from the physical changes I realised there were mental changes taking place. My focus shifted from myself to my unborn child. Although I’m carrying this child I’m effectively already a mother, I still don’t know what it’s actually like! It’s difficult to comprehend something you haven’t experienced. But I’m sure first time mums would agree it’s a surreal experience.

I’ve always been aware of the notion that there is no love like a mother’s love. But now I’m actually experiencing it, I can say this is true. Even though I haven’t met my princess yet, we have developed a relationship over the nine months. I find myself looking at her scan pictures thinking “ah you used to be so small! Now look at you!” lol. I talk to her everyday and I tell her that she will be amazing and do great things.

But I can already see that motherhood is the ultimate sacrifice.

My goals and dreams are now orientated around her future. Although I feel like I’m just starting out in life and I’m yet to achieve some of my goals and dreams, I feel like her future is more important. It’s a strange perspective to go from focusing on yourself to a little life you’ve never even met. But I want the best for her. I have been blessed with this gift and I’m not going to waste the opportunity by not giving her the best start in life.

I can already see that my life has moved forward so much since finding out I was pregnant. My ambition has increased and my work ethic has improved. I feel this sense of urgency now that I didn’t experience before. It’s become all about her. She is already such a blessing in my life and she doesn’t even know it yet. She has given me a higher sense of purpose that I could ever even dream of! Although circumstances aren’t perfect, her little life is perfect and I vow to do everything in my powers to ensure she is happy!




It’s midday, I’m in my PJs but I’ve been the most productive I’ve been in weeks

6 Jul

We all believe that to be productive we need to be dressed, ready and sat behind a desk. We take pride in our perfectly organised Instagram ready desks. We spend ages in IKEA looking for the perfect pencil holder to match our folders. We’re convinced that if our office utensils don’t match it will block our productivity and stifle creativity. Some of us may even prefer to leave the house. Sitting in Starbucks drinking overpriced coffee tends to be the most popular option… There seems to be something about a coffee shop that ensues an atmosphere of ‘productiveness’ right?

(Yeah sorry to break it to you but it’s just excellent branding and marketing)

Now don’t get me wrong I’m not criticizing anyone that works in coffee shops. I’ve been about that life (still am, occasionally). I’ve been known to drive 20 minutes to a coffee shop just to sit there for hours because I was convinced that I would be more productive there than at home. Sometimes this was true. But others…well I just wasted my time and money.

But I realised that being productive is nothing more than your mindset. It has nothing to do with the environment you’re in.

The other day I woke up early and felt inspired to write. I had this surge of creativity and I knew instantly I had to get it out my head and onto ‘paper’. I sat in my bed and got out my laptop and started tapping away at the keys. Before I knew it, it was midday and I hadn’t even stepped foot out of bed. Now, usually this would bother me. I rate my level of achievements based on how early I wake up and whether I got dressed for the day and left the house. But on this particular day I did none of that, but I still had a feeling of accomplishment. It was a strange experience. My environment was screaming laziness, un-productivity and procrastination but my actions were the opposite. That morning I managed to complete 2 blog posts, schedule a meeting and recruit another person for my business.

This is why I say productiveness is a mind set.

I realised on this particular day that my willingness to be productive was based on my mindset. I woke up feeling inspired to write and instead of disrupting that inspiration by getting out of my bed and setting up my desk, I instantaneously began to release what was inside. This free flow of creativity is what led to my productiveness. I didn’t try to confine it to ideals that I thought were necessary to produce great work. I just let my ideas and thoughts be. Creativity can strike at any moment and when it does I believe that’s when it comes in it’s most authentic and natural form.

So if you come to my house before 12 and see me in my PJs, don’t assume that I’m not working hard to achieve my goals!




My fiancé is too busy for me, but I’m ok with it

8 Jun

As a recently engaged couple you would expect us to spend a lot of time together right? But we don’t. In fact we spend a lot of time apart. Currently living in two different cities, about 80 miles apart, means we only get to see each other once a week (if that). We rarely have ‘dates nights’ and we don’t really do the whole gifts and present thing. Our phone conversations are usually at the end of the day…when he’s tired from his long day. His attendance at my family meet ups are practically non-existent and holidays away together are once in a blue moon. Basically his current schedule barely allows time for him to see his own mother let alone meeting up with me!

I’ve imagined what life would be like in a ‘normal’ relationship. You know where you go on weekly date nights and spend every waking minute of the day together, go travelling and watch movies etc. I do wonder if that could ever happen for our relationship…But for the type of man that I’m with…I very much doubt it!

Some of you women reading this, may be thinking…girl you need to leave him! He is way too busy for you! He obviously doesn’t care! Why are you giving him the time of day!

…well let me tell you why I’m OK with him being busy

Before you throw my fiancé under the bus, please understand that he is an ambitious man. The reason he is so busy is because he’s a workaholic. He obsesses over his dreams. He has goals he wants to achieve and he works towards them every single day. His intelligence surpasses anyone that I know! And he is hugely unconventional in his thinking. Most of his days are spent co-running a healthy food business and doing football training for 2 – 3 hours each day. He has set his standards high and hopes that one day he’ll be the best in the world and win the Ballon d’Or. The emotional and physical demands he puts himself under means it becomes difficult to make time for me.

But I understand that when you want to be the best, there isn’t a lot of time for leisure. Time is precious and each second your gifted with on this earth is another opportunity to achieve your dreams! So unfortunately regular date nights become less of a priority. A night spent eating out, however fun it may be, means that’s an evening he’s not able to work on the business. Going away on holiday for 2 weeks may mean he begins to slack in his football training. I never want to be the reason he doesn’t achieve his dreams! I have to honestly ask myself do I really value a date night that much that I would rather have that than a life of financial freedom?

So this is why I have to be OK with his busy schedule. Sacrifices have to be made. I have to accept that we may not be able to do the things ‘normal’ couples do…because well frankly we don’t want to live a ‘normal’ life.

Please don’t misunderstand my point. I’m not undermining the importance of spending quality time with your other half but I’m stressing the importance of working towards the future instead of living in the now!

So I’m OK with the fact my fiancé is too busy for me because I know he’s

…working towards a better life for me and our daughter

…breaking the cycle of debt in our families

…achieving his dreams

…working towards financial freedom

I know he’s not doing this for just himself…he’s doing it for our family! Nothing in this world comes easy and if you want an extraordinary life…you have to be willing to live in unconventional situations. You can’t just do what everyone else is doing and expect to live the life of the elite!


Dear fiancé,

In the beginning of our relationship I can honestly say that you put a lot of effort into me. I wasn’t the most confident, neither did I believe in myself but you helped bring me out my shell and made me realise my strengths. You invested in me. I will never forget that. In hindsight, I feel that you may have been preparing me for now. Had I not decided to step up and become the woman I am today I could have left the relationship a long time ago. I would have got frustrated with your busy schedule and would have concluded that you didn’t make time for me because you didn’t love me. But I’m learning now that’s not the case! Yes there have been times I’ve felt extremely lonely because I wanted to spend more time with you. But that’s because I didn’t allow myself to become apart of your dream and vision. I was trying to stand at the sideline and shout for your attention instead of jumping in and becoming apart of your vision.

But now it’s MY time to step up! And  I’m all in!

Love you

Nat x

Internet OFF. Mind ON

25 May

I spend a lot of time on social media. But it’s almost become an addiction. I wake up, I check my social media accounts. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat…then repeat. I find myself feeding into this urge to know what’s going on in everyone’s life. It’s like I’m expecting to find out something revolutionary…something that will add value to my life…but that never happens. After endless minutes of mindless swiping and tapping I realise that I’ve wasted yet another morning feeding into this social media obsession many of us millennials are addicted to.

But it got to a point where my internet usage was at an all time high. I spent most of my day browsing through Instagram profiles and Twitter feeds. I could see that it was becoming a problem because although I was ‘connecting’ with other bloggers etc I felt hugely disconnected! I started to feel a range of emotions including dissatisfaction and withdrawal. So I decided to turn the internet OFF and put my mind ON!

My first attempt was to turn off the internet on my phone and put it on the other side of the room. As I sat there and looked at my phone it caused nothing but boredom and slight anxiety as I wondered what I was missing on social media. So I decided that I needed to get out the house. I went for a walk down by the lake. I left the house believing that the light physical activity coupled with the fresh air would help me refocus. But as I walked along the stoned path and observed the trees, grass and the running water I realised that this walk was much more than just the physical activity. Being outdoors provided me with a stillness and freedom that I couldn’t get from sitting inside.

Whilst being out in the open my senses were heightened. I could hear the water trickling down the stream, smell the freshly cut grass and I could see all the beautiful greenery that surrounded me. I had walked this route many times before but this time felt like the first. I ended up wandering around the lake and surrounding areas for almost 2 hours. I stopped at a bench and sat there for a few minutes. Whilst sitting there I got out my journal and began to write. The emotions that poured out of me and onto the page could not be stopped. I wrote and wrote until I had nothing left to say and when I put the pen down I felt free. It must have been something about being outside and being ‘one’ with nature that allowed me to reconnect with my inner self and find that inner peace? To be honest I’m not sure but it was only then I was able to release the things that were troubling me and make space in my mind. Once I returned home I felt more refreshed and my creative juices started flowing again.

journal watermark (1)

The internet is an amazing place for us creatives and writers. It provides us with a space to express and connect with like minded people. But this walk reminded me that it’s still important to switch off and plug in your mind from time to time! If you’re experiencing a blockage in creativity it’s good to find a space where you can be still and reflect. Stillness, balance and alignment with your inner self is something to be valued and worked on. Try not to get too caught up in the social media world, make time for yourself and your art!

So from now on I think I’ll start making a conscious effort to switch the internet OFF and my mind ON!

How do you clear your mind? Please share any tips/experiences below!

My reality of failing

18 May

If you’re a fan of motivational speakers such as Tony Robins and Les Brown you’ll be familiar with their mantra on the importance of failing. These speakers amongst many others always stress that to be successful you must fail; because failure is a way to learn. I’ve heard it many times and I thought I believed it, I really did…but I soon realised I was lieing to myself.

Let’s talk honestly about failing. It’s a horrible feeling. Possibly one of the worst. It can create insecurity and doubt in the mind. It can make you question your actions and stop you from pursuing your dreams in an instant.The subtle reminder of past failures can become quite tormenting. It suggests to you each time that you’re inadequate, you’re the reason why you haven’t made it and you’re ultimately the FAILURE. But for those that are ambitious you need to accept that failure is inevitable! It’s something you HAVE to deal with. Working towards your goals means a lot of trials and errors along the way! But your drive and determination is what will keep you going despite the guarantee of failure.

Personally, I don’t fail well. I’ve grown up with a ‘little miss perfect’ complex. I never really stepped foot out of line at school and I minimised risks wherever possible throughout life. I thought that staying within my comfort zone meant that I would avoid failure. I went through school doing minimal work and came out with OK grades. Setting my standards low was a way to protect myself…because if I ever did fail I could justify it with the fact that I didn’t try my hardest so it didn’t matter.

But this post has come about because I recently experienced a few obstacles, setbacks and barriers. I still don’t like to fail and even though I push myself each day I’ll be honest, the thought of failing haunts me each time.

I’m currently building a business in financial education and along the way I’ve hit a few hurdles, barriers and road blocks! (to say the least) which has discouraged me on so many levels. Paperwork and admin are an essential part of every business and it must be done correctly to ensure accuracy. I was met with a task where I had to complete some paperwork in a short space of time. I wasn’t completely familiar with the processes and I felt a bit overwhelmed about having to complete it quickly. I got it wrong; a few times and I made errors. I wanted to quit. I contemplated giving up and justifying to myself that this business venture wasn’t for me. But I could see a trend and I told myself I can’t give up this time round. So I stuck at it and completed the paperwork. I put in 100%!

So it’s important that if when you fail you realise that it’s all apart of the process. If the journey to the top was easy…a lot more people would be up there. So remember to keep your mental state in check. Be honest with yourself. Give 100% and don’t make excuses! If you’re met with failure, acknowledge it and keep it moving!

[As always, I write these posts as motivation to myself. I’m still learning. I’m still developing but hopefully along my journey I can help you all too!]

How do you cope with failure? Leave a comment below or drop me an email

“Let your dreams guide you”

Nat x

Reflections of a mum-to-be; Stay at home mum?

27 Apr

With only 3 months to go until the arrival of my baby girl I’m already considering what life will be like once she’s here. I’m trying to envision how much my life will change. I’ve spoken to other mothers about what it’s like to be a mum and most have said there’s no experience like it. One mother said her priorities and perspective on life completely changed. I do wonder what she actually meant. How did it change?

[I’m not expecting to understand this until it happens…but I do still wonder.]

But as an ambitious young woman with my whole life ahead of me, I’m left with a set of priorities to sort through. First up, the decision between being a full-time mother and pursuing a career seems to top the list. It’s a decision most mothers have to battle with. It’s an additional pressure that most men don’t even have to consider. I can understand that we as women struggle with this decision because we can see both options have value. But the difficulty arises when we’re forced to choose one option. But I always think is it necessary to choose one or the other? Can we not do it all?

I’ve been asking myself all these questions lately…


At my midwife appointment

However, I feel that society doesn’t value the option of being a ‘stay at home’ mum. There always seems to be a negative connotation associated with it. It’s often seen as the less ambitious option and the dare I say ‘easier’ option. But I don’t believe that to be true. Being a full time mother is just as valuable as pursuing a career, except that you’re directly contributing to your children’s lives. It’s an investment for the future.

For me, contributing directly into my family’s lives is much more appealing and that’s why I’m leaning towards becoming a ‘stay at home’ mum (whatever that may turn out to mean). But I want to be at home with my daughter as much as I can. I want to teach her and educate her on the things school won’t. I just want to be there for her.

I decided a year ago that I didn’t want to go back into full time employment, (although I picked up part-time jobs along the way my focus was still to pursue business). Not much has changed, although now there is a baby in the mix, I still don’t feel the push to go back into full time employment. This is why I’m currently building a business that will ultimately provide residual income. Once this starts working for me (and it will) it will give me the freedom I need to be with my family.

So don’t worry I don’t plan to relinquish my ambitious nature but in fact I plan to incorporate it into motherhood. So to all the ‘stay at home’ mums, I salute you. I’ll be joining you soon!

“My why isn’t just about me anymore. It’s about her.”

Nat x

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Where have I been?

30 Mar

Hello…hi… please accept my apology. I’ve been absent from blogging for a few months and I think it’s only fair that I should start back with a life update.

Let me take you back to a few months ago. I had just celebrated my 25th birthday, had been living away from home for almost a year and had been tutoring for a few months. I had no complaints. 2015 had been good. Yes there were a few challenges but I could honestly say…it wasn’t a bad year. But the year wasn’t over and unbeknownst to me I had two massive life changing moments on the horizon.

On the 8th November 2015 my partner of 6 years surprised me and took me down to a beautiful restaurant in Kensington, London. It was a quaint place, hidden within the Mile Stone Hotel. It was the kind of place that you wouldn’t stumble across, and that’s why I loved it. It was a hidden gem. We had a private dining room and when we arrived there were rose petals and candles on the table. It was honestly the most romantic thing I had ever seen! At this stage I thought to myself what have I done to deserve this?! then my mind quickly thought ‘well we have been having a few disagreements lately so maybe this was his way of saying sorry?’ I was so naive as to what was going to happen next!

As we sat down at the table he turned to me and started to tell me how much he loved me (I’ll spare the details as I don’t want to embarass him lol). While he was speaking I thought ‘aww this is beautiful, I’m so lucky’. Then before I knew it, he got down on one knee and whipped out the most beautiful ring ever! I couldn’t believe it. We had not even been in the restaurant for 10 minutes and he proposed. It was overwhelming. I was shocked, excited and a little nervous. Obviously I said YES without any hestiation…after all I had patiently waited 6 years for this moment.

The waiters and waitresses came in one by one to congratulate us on our engagement. I felt so special. We were given a complimentary glass of their finest champagne to toast the occasion. While we were enjoying the moment we were serenaded with a song from the restaurant pianist. It was the most perfect proposal ever. I never wanted a big spectacle for my engagement and my partner knew this. He did it in the most perfect way for me. I couldn’t have planned it better myself.

And not to mention he was looking oh so handsome in his suit ! How could I say no?! Lol

I honestly believe nothing ever happens before its time so when it did happen, it felt right. The next day following our engagement we received countless text messages, FB statuses, likes, cards etc. Everyone genuinely seemed happy for us and the love we felt from everyone was amazing and extremely heart felt.

But it didn’t stop there… as I was getting used to being engaged and using the cringy term ‘fiancé’ (I still don’t use it lol) we were hit with another bombshell. (Now when I say bombshell I don’t want to give the impression that this news caused destruction and chaos to our lives in fact…it is the best thing that’s happened to us as a couple.)

Less than a week after we got engaged I found out I was pregnant! My partner was instantly over joyed by the news…but for me it took a while for it to sink in. Don’t get me wrong I was excited and hugely grateful I had been blessed with this gift but I was also terrified. I didn’t know what to expect and the rush of emotions got a bit overwhelming at one point. I remember being in my bathroom physically shaking and crying after taking the test. I was just getting my head around turning 25 and looking forward to the wedding. But instantly my priorities and focus had to change! I was going to be a mum!

Now fast forward a couple months I’m now over halfway through my pregnancy and I’m hugely excited and anxious to meet our little miracle. Our little princess also known as baby nugget will making an appearance this July! It’s gone by so quickly. For a while I hadn’t been documenting my journey. It was something I had always intended to do but I let morning sickness and the judgement of others get in the way. But now I feel a lot more at ease with my pregnancy and I want to continue to document the last few months. It will be nice to look back on.

I already envision that my blog may take a slightly different focus from now on but I do hope you’ll join me on my journey. Don’t worry I still plan to be ‘Quietly Ambitious’ but now with a mother status! There are many mothers that are absolutely bossin life and I promise you I’ll be one too!

So you can expect my Wednesday posts to resume as normal. See you next Weds!


To baby nugget,

You may have been a surprise but you were always meant to be here. Your father and I cannot wait to welcome you into this world. We don’t have it all together at the moment but we promise to dedicate our lives to making life better for you.

We already love you nuggie and we can’t wait to meet you.

Love from

Mummy and Daddy

Nat x