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Ambitious Women; Let’s hear from Jackie

18 Jul

Name | Jackie Taiwo

Tell us a random fact about yourself | I taught myself to play the piano when I was 12 and was pretty good for a few years, but I haven’t touched a piano in over a decade now.

What is your current occupation? | I work full time building my new business, Melariche (, an online makeup & skincare catering to women of colour. On any given day, I may be working on web design, marketing & sales strategy, brand curation, operations management, social media…the list goes on and on. We launch in August, so everything is super busy, but it’s so fulfilling to work on a project that you’re passionate about and believe in.


Would you class yourself as an ambitious woman?| Most definitely. I’m always in pursuit of a goal I’ve set for myself whether that be in my personal life or career related. What’s interesting though is how I have been able to jump onto new opportunities without looking back. I studied engineering college, but decided to work in corporate finance after graduation. After working a few years, I then decided to pursue a joint law-business graduate degree (thinking I would move into business role within the entertainment industry), and by second year of grad school decided I just had to leave the country and was hired by an international law-firm willing to relocate me after graduation. I was able to transition at each stage because I did not believe my path was limited by my current experience at that time. And I think having ambition is being able to see a vision for yourself beyond what society or your environment says you should do.

Have you always been ambitious? If not what was the turning point for you? | I think my ambition was engrained in me early by mother, who passed away in 2002. My mother was born in the deep south in the height of Jim Crow (quite literally born on the land her grandparents were enslaved on), but she was not someone who let her circumstance limit her vision. At 19, single and pregnant, she moved to the New York by herself to give her family more opportunity. She worked hard, got married and was able to buy a home with ten years. Fast forward to 1981, five kids later, a single mother now, she decided to get her bachelor’s in nursing while pregnant with me and graduated with a degree from one of the best nursing programs in New York. I watched her step up in the community whenever it was needed. Our local HeadStart program needed a bus driver to take local kids (including myself) to the school. With six kids, a full-time job, she made to time to volunteer to drive that bus. I can name countless instances where she was first in line to help those in need. Like so many black women, she all did this without seeking recognition and was not incredibly vocal about her achievements. I doubt she would have even called herself ‘ambitious.’ She did what she thought was necessary to provide for herself, her family and her community. But her ability to see & create opportunity has had a big impact on me. She did not let her struggles define her and that’s a powerful mindset. In my toughest times, I think this type of ambition has been so powerful in motivating me to push on.

Jackie 2.jpg

What is your biggest achievement to date? | My 4-year-old daughter has to be my biggest achievement. She’s beautiful, super smart and headstrong. Outside of that, I would say quitting my job as a corporate lawyer after 5 years. Yes, quitting was a huge achievement for me. I was so unhappy and not living in my purpose but I was incredibly afraid to quit. Overcoming that fear was huge feat and I’m so proud that I was able to do it. Fear can really cloud your ambition, so letting that go was a major step for me and has allowed me to progress to where I am today – one month away from launching Melariche!

What is your long term vision for yourself? | My vision is massive. I want to grow Melariche into a ‘Sephora for women of colour’ and really shake up the beauty industry which has ignored women with darker skin for far too long. I want to eventually build Melariche stores all around world. Our tagline is ‘Celebrate Your Beauty’ because our brand represents beauty in all colours and sizes. Women are constantly told that they need to a look a certain way in order to be beautiful or to be successful. I want to challenge that notion by encouraging women to look however they want, wear whatever makeup they want, do their hair however they want, and that’s okay and beautiful because it’s YOU and you have been and will always be enough. Live life on your own terms and break the mould!

It’s also incredibly important to give back and I’d like to start a program that empowers vulnerable women to see possibility beyond their immediate struggle and pass on the mindset that my mother gave to me.

What have you sacrificed or willing to sacrifice to achieve your vision? | I’ve given up a lot of my time. I work on Melariche in every free moment because there is always something to do. The to-do list never ends. This unfortunately means I struggle to be present when I’m with my daughter and husband, and at times I’m afraid I won’t feel the effects of this until years later. But my husband is incredibly supportive and every day I block out time that is just for me and my daughter (working on putting the phone down!).

What advice can you give to other ambitious women that want to pursue their dreams but are afraid to do so? | Optimism. Remove the word “can’t” from your vocabulary. The power of being positive cannot be understated. Talk about your vision confidently – even if you don’t have the resources – focus on what you can accomplish and make a growth plan and believe in it.

Also, I think it’s important to pause and set aside a few days to literally write down your 3-year or 5-year plan, whether it’s for your business or career.  Write down what you want to achieve and be as detailed as possible about how you’re going to achieve it – force yourself to be realistic, take note on your strengths and include a plan to work on your weaknesses. Have someone you trust read it and to help determine if the plan you’ve set out will actually get you the results you seek. Also, write down contingencies for each stage, knowing that even if you execute your plan perfectly, sh*t happens beyond your control requiring you to pivot. But when that time comes you’ll be prepared because you know there’s a plan B.


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Ambitious men; Let’s hear from David

11 Jul

Name | David Morgan

Tell us a random fact about yourself | I have a very rare, unreleased R&B album, fully recorded in my shower.

What is your current occupation? | I’m a full time writer/artist/musician/human. I like to create anything that I possibly can, as much as I can. I currently have a number of projects on soundcloud, with “Genesis” being my latest release.(

I am the author of 3 books (Light, Love, and Life) available at The first 2, Light and Love, were self published and the 3rd, Life, my personal favorite, was published by Austere Magazine. I am also into writing video treatments and directing my own visuals. I currently don’t have the proper resources to make things as big as I imagine, but you can watch my videos at

Would you class yourself as an ambitious man? | Yea, I guess so

Have you always been ambitious? If not what was the turning point for you? | Yea, ever since I was young, I was always determined to make whatever I want to happen, happen. Whether it be tying a blanket around my neck and teaching myself how to fly (hurting myself multiple times in the process lol) or just trying to learn something new, I was always determined to do whatever it took, regardless of what anyone else said. But the moment it hit me that I am truly ambitious is when I realized I was willing to work harder than anyone else for my dreams. What others considered too hard or too tiring, I considered normal. I can’t count how many nights I’ve put sleep to the side in order to finish a song, story, or whatever I was writing at the time. Even in the face of defeat and when things aren’t going exactly how I want, I push through and continue to strive to make my vision a reality. I’ve seen many others quit along the way when it gets tough, but I refuse to fail. After I figured out that no one is going to hold my hand and protect me from the hardships of life, I had no choice but to go hard. I’m not exactly where I’d like to be but I know for fact I’m going to get there. I couldn’t tell you how I know, but I just know. I think that’s what ambition is.

What is your biggest achievement to date? | I would say my biggest achievement is putting myself in a position to be as creative as possible without having to compromise much of my time working for anyone else. It wasn’t easy, but it has been worth it. I had to make the decision that I was not going to do anything that didn’t leave me feeling fulfilled once I was finished. The past 7 years of my life have been dedicated to nothing but creating. I didn’t realize that until recently. Literally everyday, I have created something. It isn’t the most lucrative occupation, but wealth isn’t all about money anyway. It has definitely been a process though. I’ve had days where I question if I’m doing the right thing. If I should just go back to school. If I’m “behind” in terms of “growing up” compared to my peers. Everyone has those dark days, but the sun always comes back up, and when it finally starts shining for me, I realize I am doing exactly what I was made to do. That’s the greatest feeling. I know there’s a lot of people who go their entire lives without knowing what their purpose is. I figured it out early. That’s my biggest achievement.

What is your long term vision for yourself? | My long term vision is to be able to make a sustainable living solely off of creating things and putting positivity into the world. I want to make more music, write more books, create cartoons, clothing, everything! lol Seriously though, there’s a lot of things I would like to do and I pray that life leads me down the path of being able to accomplish it all.  I don’t want to end up making a lot of money but living a life I hate. I’ve made a few life changes. I recently stopped smoking and drinking just to have a clearer vision and more control over how my life goes. I think this will allow me to hold myself fully accountable for my success as well as my mistake. I won’t have any excuses as to why I did something dumb. I may dabble every now and then, probably only when there is something huge to celebrate, but as of right now, I feel great without my vices. As far as a written plan, I’m working on that. I never really know what each day will bring, so I kind of just go with the flow with no laid out steps necessarily, but keeping an end goal in mind. I’m getting better at planning though because it definitely helps.

David Morgan

Photo by Morganne Nikole

What have you sacrificed or willing to sacrifice to achieve your vision? | I sacrificed getting a degree. I went to Texas Tech University for a couple of years until I finally accepted the fact that my passion for creation was 1000 times stronger than my urge to go to class. There were days I would just skip class completely and record 2 or 3 songs in my dorm room, and it only got “worse” (better in my opinion because I was fine tuning my craft) when I moved into an apartment. To most people, it wasn’t the smartest decision, but I’m 100% sure had I slaved away in school, I wouldn’t be where I am now. I wouldn’t have had the time to write 3 books, or make all these mixtapes, or perform at all the shows I’ve done. I’d probably have a job and a lot more money, yea. But I know for a fact I would not have been able to accomplish what I’ve accomplished so far. I wouldn’t feel fulfilled. By no means am I advising anyone to drop out, but that’s a sacrifice I made that I believe turned out for the better.

What advice can you give to other ambitious men that want to pursue their dreams but are afraid to do so? | Don’t second guess yourself. Get rid of all doubt. The most important thing is self-confidence. If you truly believe you can do something and you really want to do it, go for it. Don’t let “No” get in the way. It won’t be easy, but it’ll be worth it.

**Featured image photographed by Najee Rashad**

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Ambitious Men; Let’s hear from OluFela

22 Jun

Name | OluFela Raymond Tusin (Fella) is what everybody calls me. Some call me OluFella

Tell us a random fact about yourself | I LOVE TO COOK

What is your current occupation? | I am Currently a product advisor for Microsoft and a Freelance Photographer

Would you class yourself as an ambitious man? | Yes I would. I am very passionate person about everything that I get involved in. its either all or nothing for me. I don’t believe in “halfassin” Life.

Have you always been ambitious? If not what was the turning point for you? |Yes I have always been an ambitious person. But I also believe there have been moments in my life where I push myself to be more ambitious about my endeavours. One of those moments was when I left college to pursue my dreams as a photographer. With so many self-titled photographers these days I believe what separates me from others is my passions and love for capturing people, my ambition to always keep growing learning and inspiring others to do greater things.

What is your biggest achievement to date? | My biggest achievement to date is raising over $7000 towards Livingstone International University (LIU); a privately funded University in Uganda Africa.  I achieved this by volunteering 2 weeks of my personal time and skills to document LIU’s first graduation class ever. I spent 95 percent of my time on the university’s temporary campus documenting the students, professors, deans and other employees surrounding the campus. I also took advantage of my surroundings and shot and documented as much of the locals as possible.

This wouldn’t have been possible to achieve if it wasn’t for the amazing company I work for (Microsoft) pushing each and every one of its employees to volunteer in their communities. For every hour I volunteered, the company matched my time with $25 per hour donation to a charity of my choice.  As I was born in Lagos, Nigeria; I figured what better place to give my time than a country in Africa.

While in Uganda it really took me back to growing up as a kid in Nigeria. I remember hoping; praying and wishing that one day I would have the opportunity to better my family’s lives by getting a better education and a great job. But I also prayed I would have the opportunity to leave Nigeria and see what else the world had to offer me. Fortunately for my family and I, we won a visa lottery and I was presented with everything I ever dreamt of.  As I documented the students and people of Uganda, I could see that same hope for a better future and opportunity in every kid’s eye. That’s what pushes me every day to keep raising awareness for the kids/people in Uganda.

Through my photographs from Uganda and other works, I continue to raise funds for a second trip back to Uganda and also help fund more resources for the kids and people in need in Uganda.


 What is your long term vision for yourself?| My long term vision for myself is to be one of the people that educates and encourages young minorities in America and all over the world to invest their time and money back into Africa and also help educate the youth in Africa. To achieve these goals, I would have to move to a country in Africa and start a base for young entrepreneurs and educators to come. I don’t have an exact written plan for this yet, but everyday God leads me closer to building it together.

What have you sacrificed or willing to sacrifice to achieve your vision? | I am willing to sacrifice anything to achieve my vision because my goals won’t just benefit me but it will benefit future generations to come. I have sacrificed a lot. But I would say the biggest thing that I have noticed sacrificing day in and day out is my own personal money. I invest a lot of money into my work. Most people I know have grants and other resources that help them fund their work. But all the money I have comes from either selling art or from my 9-5 job at Microsoft [Thank you Microsoft].

I have also lost a lot of people in my life because of the changes I had to go through mentally and emotionally to become my true self.

 What advice can you give to other ambitious men that want to pursue their dreams but are afraid to do so? | Take it a day at a time. God didn’t create the world in one day. Be patient. Don’t just accept the knowledge giving to you, seek it out yourself.


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Ambitious Women; Let’s hear from Nadine

23 May

Name | Nadine Robinson

Tell us a random fact about yourself | I broke my nose in secondary school whilst doing a ‘backdrop’ (which is a trampoline move). However, when I went to the doctors to get my nose checked out he said that I made it straighter… I never knew it was bent?! Moral of that story – keep control of yourself in all situations.

What is your current occupation? | I am currently a student. I am studying English Literature and Media at London South Bank University. With that being said, I consider being a mother my full time job.

Would you class yourself as an ambitious woman? | I would consider myself to be an ambitious woman – 100% I would. I feel that I am a woman who strives to excel in all aspects of life.

Have you always been ambitious? If not what was the turning point for you? | Looking back on my younger years I would say that I have always been ambitious. However, my confidence was not a high as some may have believed. During my teenage years I competed in a variety of sports and I feel that made me appreciate and understand the idea of what it meant to be ambitious and determined. Bearing this in mind, it also showed me what is expected of me if I want to be the best at what I am doing. However, I would say that I came into my own once I learnt how to be unapologetic about who I am as a person. I think this is something that comes in time for most people. For me, I started during my process of creating and failing in the blogging world. I attempted to create a blog about my thoughts and feelings on my life and the world around me – but because I was not 100% happy or content with who I was it became a bit of a battle opposed to an enjoyable journey. Fast-forward to 2013 when I started a brand new blog – now entitled Three Reign – I feel I have not only found my voice but I have learnt to be a woman who stands in her truth unashamedly. This for me was my turning point. Once I got to this milestone I began connecting and networking with other talented creatives. This in turn spurred me onto seek opportunities out that would help me reach my future goals within the writing world. Consequently, I got offered some amazing opportunities, such as having a piece of written work published in an American anthology called Love Letters to Our Daughters. All in all, I gained not only the confidence but also the awareness that I am capable of obtain my dreams if I remain true who I am.

nadine 2

What is your biggest achievement to date? | My biggest achievement will always be my beautiful children. But if I have to choose a specific moment in relation to my writing, it would be having a piece I wrote The Blood Runs Deep during the #BlackLivesMatters movement read during a Black Lives Matters Campaign by the creator of Ain’t I a Woman Collective – Ella Achola. The reason for this is that I don’t read my poetry out loud so to hear it come to life and read in such an emotive manner truly moved me.

What is your long term vision for yourself? | My aim is to go into teaching. On the creative side I would love to publish a book of poetry and affirmations. Hopefully this is something that will organically manifest in the coming years.

What have you sacrificed or willing to sacrifice to achieve your vision? | I have and am willing to sacrifice my time and energy. We truly do not realise how time and energy is invested making your dreams a reality. I know in the long run that investing in myself with only benefit me. In addition, I am willing to sacrifice a part of myself; as with writing I feel it is important to insert a small amount of who you are into each peace.

What advice can you give to other young women that want to pursue their dreams but are afraid to do so? | I would remind them that they have NOTHING to lose! At the end of the day if you never try then you are letting yourself and the world around you know that it is perfectly fine to reside in the realm of failure. We are all capable individuals and for this reason we should never doubt ourselves. Whatever, you feel that your purpose is pursue it, fight for it and create it one day at a time.

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Ambitious Women; Let’s hear from Chylo’e

11 May

Name | Chylo’e

Tell us a random fact about yourself | I have over 30 Mac Lipsticks… Lipstick is my thing!

What is your current occupation? | I ‘m a mumprenuer as I run a social enterprise and I am just about to embark on another exciting business venture, but I am a Fashion Merchandiser by profession.

Would you class yourself as an ambitious woman? | Yes, Yes and Yes! My thing is you have to go after what you want as nothing is ever handed to you on a plate, and if it is, always question it!

Through different obstacles in my life I have learnt that nothing is impossible or unreachable; so don’t be afraid to aim high and always believe in YOU!

I also align myself with other ambitious and successful women as I believe you’re only as good as the company you keep. I hope to pass these gems down to the next generation of females coming up.

FullSizeRender (1)

Have you always been ambitious? | I was raised in a single parent home where I saw my mother work her ass off, and achieve more than some two-parent homes…so to be ambitious is all I know!

She instilled in me, and my sister that nothing is impossible as long as you put your mind to it and work hard. So in her memory I always said I was going to be a success, no doubt about it!

But there was a point in my life just before turning 30 and after the loss of my mum that I started to doubt myself and my abilities. I let fear over shadow my natural confidence.

This was the point where I stared to question my achievements thus far. I asked myself “should I be further ahead?” and all that jazz that normally hits when you reach a milestone, and people start telling you where you should be in YOUR life.

But what helped me get back on track was I started to read more, especially books of inspiration. I began to focus on speaking positivity into my life, and that shifted my way of thinking, which then shifted my way of behaving.

I thought to myself…  “what was the worst thing that could happen to me if I challenged my fears?” NOTHING! But if I didn’t challenge myself I would continue to live a life of frustration and un fulfillment.

A big lesson I learnt very quickly is that there are no limits to the mind except those we acknowledge.

And then a blessing happened and my son arrived, I knew I had to be the best mum possible to create and sustain the life that I had always dreamt of. And four years later I am doing just that!

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Chylo’e and her son Ethan

What is your biggest achievement to date? | My biggest achievements to date are my son, and quitting a 12-year career in Fashion merchandising to pursue some of my long term goals and passions, which I feel were being stifled working a 9-5 job.

With more time on my hands I am now able to focus on building my personal brand alongside working on my social enterprise BelEve UK. BelEve UK is a sisterhood; a place for young girls to come, learn, be inspired and find a sense of belonging, through different platforms.

What is your long term vision for yourself? | My biggest goal is to be the BEST me possible, while remaining happy. It is also so important to live YOUR life on YOUR own terms, and by YOUR own standards.

Another vision is to continue to empower, and advocate everything it means to be a woman through BelEveUk and the other businesses I run, and for this to be heard nationally. We have an event on the 15th May  @ Box park called BelEve Girls rock, which is a platform for up and coming female musician to showcase their talents! I would love for this event to be as big as Black Girls Rock as it has so much potential!

And last but not least, I have a long term vision to run style workshops that teach young women, especially mums like myself how to be stylishly confident!

What have you sacrificed or willing to sacrifice to achieve your vision? | I have sacrificed a pay cheque!

This has been challenging, as my outgoing didn’t reduce inline with my income!!

But I just put my faith in God that He would provide. Apart from God I had to be stricter with my budgeting, eating out and spontaneous shopping sprees. All these things had to be cut down to a minimum and trust me I already had enough clothes to last a few of us a life time!

But when your backs against the wall, you push harder and become more focused. I had to become more creative. For example, instead of watching TV when I got home, I would sit for hours sorting through and uploading old and unworn clothes onto eBay; creating another source of income.

 What advice can you give to other young women that want to pursue their dreams but are afraid to do so? |

Believe in YOU!

Act in spite of fear!

Never let mistakes define who you are!

Dream big and never stop short of reaching the top!

Have a plan but don’t be to rigid with the direction it takes you in, as sometimes the best opportunities come from the worst situations!

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Ambitious Women; Let’s hear from Mica

20 Apr

Name | Mica Whyte

Tell us a random fact about yourself | I have never had a nosebleed

What is your current occupation? | Journalist and Menswear Product Manager

Would you class yourself as an ambitious woman? | I would most definitely class myself as an ambitious woman. My thing is, if you don’t try, you’ll never know. There have been opportunities that I have taken, that I haven’t been successful at, but I felt better knowing I tried something new. I see it as having more knowledge on an area that I did before I trying.

Have you always been ambitious? If not what was the turning point for you? | From a young age I’ve had goals that I wanted to achieve. From wanting to be an English teacher to a professional Netball player, I always worked on being one of if not the best at that craft. As I got older, those goals and dreams changed for me, but I’m still connected to them in some way. I studied Fashion Journalism at University and for the past 13 years; I have played Netball every Tuesday in my local adult league.

What is your biggest achievement to date? | I have had many achievements that I am really proud of, but the biggest for me is creating my own magazine as my final major project at university. I created a fashion and lifestyle menswear magazine called, XY.


What is your long-term vision for yourself? | My long-term vision is happiness. It is so important that in everything you do, you remain happy from within because it will shine on the outside. I have a few areas that I want to conquer. The first is to be a successful freelance Journalist having worked published at various publications, one of which is in New York. The second is to have my own shop selling different brands for men, women and children. The third is to be an inspirational public speaker to young people across the world.

 What have you sacrificed or willing to sacrifice to achieve your vision? | To do what I love, I sacrificed a decent paying job. I worked my four weeks notice but didn’t have another job to fall back on. All I knew is that I had to get out of the environment that I was in. In hindsight it wasn’t the sensible option, it was a selfish move as my boyfriend and I were saving to buy a house; but I knew deep down that God would make a way, I knew he would allow doors to open that wouldn’t have been possible if I stayed where I was and that’s what happened.mica

 What advice can you give to other young women that want to pursue their dreams but are afraid to do so? | I can’t stress enough not to give up, even when it seems really tough or money isn’t flowing. Do what you have to do but never give up. I say this because I gave up. I got my Fashion Journalism degree, but for a long time, I left it on the mantle piece and never picked it up. Thankfully, now I have been given that opportunity to fulfill my goals and I know my success may not happen overnight, but now that my eyes have been opened, I’m not going to stop.

Another great way to pursue your dreams is to travel when you can. I have found seeing how other people live and how other countries operate, have given me inspiration to achieve my goals. If you have a creative mind like me, this could come from seeing how people walk, how they talk, a colour, a smell and lifestyle. Keep a diary so that you don’t forget these ideas.

Mica 2


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Ambitious Women; Let’s hear from Shantel

9 Nov

Name | Shantel Rousseau

Tell us a random fact about yourself | Sounds incredibly strange but occasionally I pluck my eyelashes (cringeworthy, I know!). I have long thick lashes and sometimes they grow out of wack – so I pluck the ones that aren’t aligned. I sound crazy, don’t I?! Haha!

What is your current occupation?| Blogger at Simply Shantel & Style Consultant

Would you class yourself as an ambitious woman? | Honestly, I’ve always been ambitious – always wanted to exceed and have certain things but on my own terms, I’m pretty hard-headed like that haha.

What is your biggest achievement to date? | Other than graduating college and starting Simply Shantel – I would say the year I spent doing B2B sales. Direct, cold calling and door knocking sales – it would hard and in the beginning I had a couple of emotional moments, but I got through it and it was the hardest things I’ve ever done.

Shantel Sept 22-5

What is your long term vision for yourself? | My long term vision professionally is to expand my personal brand, Simply Shantel is to grow and develop it further than just the online blog. I’ll be launching my YouTube channel shortly and after that I would like to collaborate further with brands that I align with. A capsule collection then an online store and then a contributing piece in a magazine. Personally, in the next coming years I’d like to buy a property in either Chicago, LA or Miami – get married, have children, relocate to either London or Paris for a bit etc haha!

What have you sacrificed or willing to sacrifice to achieve your vision?| Time & Money – I think that’s always the common thread with anyone that’s building/pursuing something. The methods and goals might be different but ultimately, that’s always the biggest sacrifice. Also, security – the security and safety of not building and being an entrepreneur; You can’t have fear and run your own company, it’s like oil and water – it doesn’t mix.

What advice can you give to other young women that want to pursue their dreams but are afraid to do so? | I would say feel the fear and do it anyways. It’s so basic and blunt but it’s the only advice that’s 100% truthful from someone who’s been there. I would also say it is critical to your success and development to be around people who are also building their own businesses/empires/brands etc. even if it’s not in the same industry (which would be ideal) it’s important to be around other entrepreneurs. The network is invaluable and no one will really understand your joys and pains like your peers. It’s also advisable to be around those who are doing exactly what you want to and/or smarter than you. If you’re the smartest person in the room – you need to find another room and you are truly the sum of the people closest to you – make sure they replicate what you want for yourself.

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Thoughtful Tuesday: Guest Post–Dream With Your Eyes Wide Open

4 Aug

My first guest post “Dream with your eyes wide open” check it out