Author: shaunesejohnson21

So this is the part where you want to know about me huh? One thing you should know is I dislike bios but here goes. My name is Shaunese Larae. I have obtained my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Child/Family Studies and a Bachelor of Science in Communications (focusing on sociology, marketing, and advertising). I’m currently a second-year graduate student in a Student Affairs in Higher Education program set to earn my Master’s Degree May 2019. Let's see. I'm a creative, gamer, writer, inter-sectional feminist and adventurous. Now let’s be real, the world is weird. The world can be seen in various perspectives. Seeing the world through a sociological and psychologically lens always makes things more interesting and colorful. If life is like a video game (let’s compare it to one of my favorites “Kingdom Hearts”) I’m personally on a very low level. I’m simply growing, learning, and finding myself. So why not explore the weird wonders of the world together. My opinions are my own and don’t reflect those of my employers and/or my educators*