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4 reasons why introverts don’t need to see their friends all the time

I already know what you’re thinking

Yes! Another introvert focused blog post that justifies me staying home all weekend!

The reality is, you can probably think of 100 more reasons why you don’t need to see your friends all the time but let’s just start with these 4!

1. Introverts are not needy

It may come as a shock to some, but introverts don’t actually need to be around other people to feel validated or even wanted. Introverts are quite happy providing their own entertainment and emotional support. Typically speaking, if an introvert has a problem they’re definitely capable of ‘chatting it out’ with themselves first. Introverts provide their own emotional support and are typically their best counselor. The advice they give to themselves is well thought out and carefully considered. That’s why introverts respect it so highly. They take the time to know and understand themselves through self-reflection and awareness. This is not for narcissistic reasons, it’s just their nature! Therefore, as a result, introverts become less reliant on their friends for that emotional support because a healthy introvert provides all the support they need.


2. Keeps the conversation exciting

Introverts that see their friends too often can end up having meaningless conversations.   Having a lack of things to talk about leads to social hangovers, because thinking of things to say during small talk is one of the most energy draining activities an introvert can do! However, leaving it for a length of time means it gives the opportunity for both parties to live their lives! Meeting up again after a length of time is good! Infrequent meetups also mean that when you do eventually see each other it can be special and more meaningful. However, going years without seeing your friends isn’t advisable, because even for an introvert that’s probably too long. But it doesn’t hurt meeting up every couple of months.


3. Their friends just ‘get it

BOLD INTROVERT’s make sure they remove all insincere people from their lives. Sincerity is key for introverts, (especially INFJs). An introvert cannot have superficial friendships or even acquaintances for that matter, it’s just tiring. With that being said, healthy introverts surround themselves with people that are either similar to themselves or add great amounts of value to their life. Their circle includes people that care deeply about them and understand their quirks. That’s why introverts don’t need to see these type of friends frequently because their friends just ‘get it’. Their friends respect their introversion and do what they can to support them.

4. Quality over quantity

Introverts value quality meetups over quick catch ups on the phone or a night out clubbing. Those are just energy zapping activities that don’t necessarily create more closeness between friends. Going for a coffee date or out for dinner, or simply having a chat over tea can be a lot more meaningful for introverts. Introverts love depth. Scratching the surface doesn’t cut it. Introverts want to know the reasons behind why you do what you do. They want to know how you felt in that moment when your manager shouted at you the other day. They want to hear your thought process as to why you hate that girl so much in your office. An introvert doesn’t simply want to hear surface level topics, because they believe everything in life is much deeper than that. So, for this reason, an introvert would choose to see their friends less so that they can have good quality conversations when they do meet up.


Introverts don’t need to see their friends every day or even every weekend. They are designed to naturally be the most low maintenance people ever. Healthy introverts are very self-sufficient and dependent on themselves for emotional support. Having friends around them that understand this can make an introvert’s life so much easier.

The self-esteem of an introvert isn’t determined by the number of friends they have. Less will always be more for an introvert. So if an introvert has accepted someone into their life as a friend, then it is almost guaranteed that they’ll be friends for a very long time, if not forever!




Writer. Entrepreneur. Content Creator. Wife. Mother & Founder of Quietly Ambitious and all round BOLD introvert! You'll probably catch me with a cup of tea in one hand and typing with the other. Not ideal I know *slurps*

4 comments on “4 reasons why introverts don’t need to see their friends all the time

  1. Jyoti Meena😊

    Awesome 👌👍

  2. Wow, I have always felt different, always wondering why I can’t stand small talk, or getting together with friends all the time. Thanks for some insight into being an introvert.

  3. love your blog very well written! ❤

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