We now have an Etsy shop!

Hello all! Natalie here. Chief Bold Introvert 😊

Bit of a different post from our usual BOLD INTROVERT series. But I’m here to share some great news! For the past few weeks, I’ve been busy working away on other projects, one being my Etsy shop!

*silent screams*

Shop icon black

Mockup silence noise

Yes, that’s right. I’ve decided to put my creative skills to the test and create some lovely designs. My designs are inspired by introversion (of course), love of tea and minimalism! Although this blog was a big inspiration to create these pieces of wall art it was also the fact that we moved into our first family home back in August this year. When we arrived at our new place, we had a blank canvas that was screaming out for some personalisation!

Etsy Product One Step .png

Mockup Leaf me alone.png

At the moment I’m loving quotes and just general typography designs with minimal colour (apart from one of my personal favourites – “can you please leaf me alone” 😂).

Currently, most designs are available as an unframed A4 physical print or digital download! The great thing about this is that you can then print the design on anything you want such as mugs, T-shirts !

Etsy Product shy introvert

However, it wouldn’t be right of me not to offer my loyal subscribers a discount code! I appreciate every single one of you that read, like and comment. This BOLD INTROVERT community has been growing slowly but steadily and I’m truly grateful to everyone that has contributed and also engaged with the content! You guys are amazing. So if you would like to own one of these designs in physical or digital print use discount code QABLOG10 at the checkout for 10% off!

Oh yeah and I ship internationally! Woohoo! Currently, there is also free shipping on all designs for the UK only! What more could you ask for!

And if you’re not ready to buy, that’s OK too, but please do me a favour and let me know what you think of the designs! Feedback in these early stages is really useful!

P.s I would love to work with some of you! Drop an email to if you would like to do a collaboration with QA Shop !



4 comments on “We now have an Etsy shop!

  1. I have been here through all your phases and blog names – and this is such a wonderful thing. Well done! Forever proud xx
    Introversion is the best personality trait aha

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