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Bold Introvert; Let’s Hear From Madelaine

Name Madelaine Gordon

Random question: You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What colour would you be and why? Move over crayons because I’m Okoye Red-Orange…strong, loyal, quiet and fierce. Sidenote: “Crayola, call me…you’re welcome!” I immediately created that color in my head because any opportunity I get to be a total nerd, I take it. The color is inspired from the character Okoye from the movie Black Panther. Her costume was made of beautiful reds and oranges. I’m totally obsessed with the character and the actress Danai Gurira, who also plays my favorite T.V. character Michonne from The Walking Dead. Okoye is the ultimate Sidekick, helping the title character earn his Superhero creds. Honestly, I love T’Challa and all but this was an example of a hero that couldn’t save the day without his Sidekicks! Nothing she did was self serving, just epically done out of honor and loyalty. Okoye is my “spirit animal”…Wakanda Forever!

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Are you a bold introvert? Have you always been one? I guess by definition I am a “bold introvert” but it took me a long time to embrace who I am. All my life I have been made to feel that what made me comfortable in how I live my life was wrong. All the adjectives to describe my personality always had negative connotations; antisocial, shy, unapproachable, distant, wishy washy, and even hard hearted. When you hear that over and over, you begin to think there is a major disconnect internally somewhere that needs to be corrected. As I got older I started hearing the word introvert to describe people like me and even that was thrown around like it made me some type of flawed mutant. Who got together and decided extroverts was the “better” personality type? I call “BS” on that. No shade to my extroverts but introverts are the bomb dot com. As an introvert, when I’m in a social setting I am able to pick up on details that most extroverts would miss. I’m not shy…I’m an observer. I’m not busy trying to be seen or “working the room” like extroverts. I blend in unnoticed and by the end of the night, I’ve observed all sorts of details, “tea” and gossip from just non-verbal clues. The other reason being an introvert is great is that I’m usually very aware of the needs of others, almost empathic and people tend to trust me due to my introversion. My adaptability is crazy good and I am able to know what people need and be that. As long as I get plenty of alone time to recharge, introversion is my superpower. When I stopped looking at my introversion as a negative thing and started walking in those strengths my whole mindset and world shifted.

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What do you do? I have a company called Super Sidekick Services. We collaborate with the Superheroes of business to improve online reach and visibility. I help business owners with branding, websites, SEO, social media, blogging, chatbots, ads and more. I started my business as a Virtual Assistant, and it quickly evolved into something that I’m beyond thankful for every day. I credit that to my authenticity and my introversion. I get to use my introversion superpower and play a supportive role in the growth of some amazing business Superheroes that are making major impacts in the world. I will also be launching another venture soon call C.R.A.N.E.S (celebrating redefining and nurturing excellence in single moms) where I will be focusing on coaching single mothers in areas of stress management, entrepreneurship, confidence and more. This is my passion project because I’ve been homeless and hungry with my children and if I would have known what I know now, I could have turned our lives around a lot sooner.  I’m very excited to serve and pour into this target audience.

What are you most proud of? I’m proud that I have been able to create income for myself being MYSELF! Every day I have on some sort of superhero graphic tee and I’m alone at home, with my laptop, behind the scenes helping my clients be SUPER! I’m no longer burdened by Imposter Syndrome or intimidated by others because every day I operate from a total authentic space and that eliminates all competition and I attract the right people for me. I’m proud that I don’t have to compromise myself to survive…I can be who I am and Thrive!

Do you feel that your personality trait has helped you achieve your goals? Yes, once I accepted it, I was able to build my brand around my personality. If I would have been afraid to be myself I would still be saying things like “I don’t know what my niche should be”, “I don’t know where to find clients”, “this industry seems so saturated”, “people want someone more polished”…None of that crybaby stuff for me. I’m just out here being my authentic, nerdy, introverted self and it’s opening doors every day.

What advice do you have for introverts who are worried about chasing their dreams? It is such a burden to be something you aren’t every day of your life. It will drain you and suck all your awesomeness away. Be honest with who you are. Don’t be a martyr and sacrifice who you are so the world is comfortable. Reclaim the word “introvert” and let it catapult you to greatness!

Bio: Madelaine currently resides in St. Louis MO. with her 3 children ages 7, 17 and 19. She is a follower of Christ and it has taught her to have a heart of compassion with a desire to serve others. When Madelaine is not in Sidekick mode, she is a total unapologetic NERD. You can usually find her in silence reading the Outlander books or watching Star Trek, Star Wars, Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter or The Walking Dead. She watches Christmas movies all year long and she loves old school musicals like Singing in The Rain, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and The King and I.

If you would like to see more from Madelaine be sure to check her out on her social media accounts! Facebook and Instagram

Make sure you check out her online services to see if she can help you too!

13 comments on “Bold Introvert; Let’s Hear From Madelaine

  1. This was a good read!!! Didn’t know BOLD INTROVERT was a thing…that’s so me! Good to hear others speak out about the pros of being an introvert. It’s always looked at as negative compared to extroverts. I truly enjoyed reading about your experience being an “observer” (that’s what I like to call it).

  2. Loved this…great conversation and highlighted some of the hidden atrengths of introverts!

  3. Shelly Ware

    Madelaine is awesome at what she does and always puts in 1000% on every project. She’s done wonders for my social media presence. I’m so happy to see her featured in this manner.

  4. Such a good read and so inspirational!

  5. Thanks so much for sharing how you’ve grown in accepting yourself and making a living being yourself! My oldest daughter is an introvert and I want her to be okay with who she is and not worry about being like other people (especially extroverts) like me. I want her to love her authentically introverted self and believe she’s good enough. I’m going to share this article with her it’s so enlightening and empowering! Can’t wait to read more.

  6. Stephanie Marshall

    I love it all!! Your crayon color Okoye Red-Orange! That works on some many levels!

  7. Stephanie Marshall

    Yassssss Sis! You have touched on something very important when you talked about accepting who you are…changed the game and caused a shift in your life. Self-acceptance is a game-changer on so many levels.

  8. Jenn Stevens

    Absolutely loved this! She is more than inspiring from start to finish. In this society, so pressed to glorify “Kardashian copies” in orders to replicate successes, she has encouraged us to stand out our authenticity. I feel more empowered to remain true to my core. Bold introverts unite!!

  9. Caryl Bowman

    Beautifully written and relatable.

  10. I know it was a long road for you and so happy to see this article! Truly states the wonderful person I always knew you were underneath. Keep going strong girl! You are an inspiration!

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