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3 Black Introverts That Changed The World

A black introvert changed the world?

Yes, you read that right and today we’re addressing at least 3 of them!

In light of Black History Month here in the UK, it wouldn’t be right for us to let this month pass by without acknowledging some of the greatest black introverts of all time!

(and spoiler alert – no Beyonce didn’t make this list!)

Rosa Parks 

Let us start off with the civil rights first lady herself! Ms. Rosa Parks, the quiet, ‘shy’, reserved young lady from Alabama. Ms. Parks did something quite BOLD in a time when segregation was the NORM. Her BOLDEST move was to refuse giving up her seat to a white passenger on board a Montgomery bus in Alabama in the 1950s. This was a huge statement during its time as black people were not permitted to ride in the front of the bus, especially at the expense of a white passenger!

fb rosa parks

Aside from the great triumph this small act of passive resistance created, Ms. Rosa Parks did all of this in true introvert style. She simply sat there and refused to do something she didn’t believe in. All fear left her at that moment and this lady didn’t even quiver. She stood her ground (while seated) and the rest is history!

Her quiet, yet BOLD statement was heard all over America.

Ms. Parks was quiet, introverted, but she was also very BOLD!

Barack Obama

Barack Obama was the 1st African American president. He was extremely charismatic in front of a crowd of 80,000+ people. His famous ‘Yes we can’ quote got millions of Americans rallied up leading up to elections. He always stood on stage with great poise and authority. He commanded attention, but believe it or not, he was also an introvert.

Obama enjoys his own company and often finds extended contact with groups outside his immediate circle to be draining.

Sounds very familiar to an introvert don’t you think?

Obama walking insta post

It almost sounds contradicting that Obama can stand in front of so many people with great confidence but yet be an introvert. That’s because introversion has nothing to with confidence and everything to do with where you gain your energy from! Obama enjoyed his quiet times and moments away from the media but he also had a job to do. He was probably in one of the most socially draining roles ever! Press conferences, interviews, networking, dinner meetings, presidential visits, etc. This man had to do it all whilst being an introvert.

Obama was able to be an introvert a lead America for 8 whole years!

This BOLD INTROVERT not only made history becoming America’s first black president of America but he also showed us that INTROVERTS are BOLD and can be great leaders too!

Nelson Mandela

And last but by no means least, Nelson Mandela our South African hero was a BOLD INTROVERT! Mandela was an anti-apartheid revolutionary, political leader, peace activist and philanthropist who also became president of South Africa! In his autobiography, Mandela even referred to himself as an introvert and he’s also been identified as an #INFJ (one of the rarest personality types). He mentioned that he preferred observing during meetings and enjoyed the solitariness of long distance running.

fb nelson Mandela quote

However, despite his quiet nature he BOLDLY spent 27 years in prison for something he believed in! He didn’t give up. He went through both extreme struggle and massive triumph. He showed great tenacity with unbelievable amounts of gentleness. His non-violence approach to such a horrible situation was a testament to his peaceful nature.

Nelson Mandela was definitely a BOLD INTROVERT

It’s difficult to summarise the amazing acts of bravery and leadership of these amazing individuals into one blog post. But I urge you to go and read their stories, watch videos about them and gain the knowledge you need to understand how great these individuals were, and most importantly how BOLD they were as INTROVERTS!

Can you think of anymore successful/inspiring black introverts?

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3 comments on “3 Black Introverts That Changed The World

  1. Reblogged this on Opher's World and commented:
    You don’t have to shout and do handstands to make an impression.

  2. Wonderful post highlighting three people who rose above and led with care
    and conviction. To be an introvert gave them all time to know themselves
    and what they believed in. So much has been lit by them.


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