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Bold Introvert; Let’s Hear From Nicola

Name Nicola Crawford

Random question: You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why? Pink of course, everything must be pink! To be precise it would probably be a pink sparkly one, if sparkly crayons are even a thing?? I’m sure they must be.

Are you a bold introvert? Have you always been one? When Natalie contacted me about writing on this subject, I wasn’t sure, I mean I know I’m an introvert but am I bold? I’d always been known as the quiet one, people would say ‘oh Nicola, yes she’s really shy’, or ‘you’re so timid’, it used to make me cringe and I’d want the ground to open up and swallow me. But looking back now I think it was just rude, I wouldn’t say to an extrovert ‘you’re too loud’ or ‘you talk too much’, but being considerate of other people’s feelings is an introvert thing, isn’t it.

I would say I have become more comfortable with who I am with age, but also coming across the term introvert has helped. I wasn’t this weird shy person anymore, I was an introvert. It wasn’t that I was too shy to talk, if I had something important to say I didn’t have a problem with talking to people, but there’s no point just talking for the sake of it is there. I think becoming an introvert rather than shy has really helped me a lot, instead of trying to think up an excuse for not going to a party, I’ll say thanks for the invite but it’s not really my thing and not feel ashamed about it.

I’d always had an ambition to be my own boss, I’m not very good at being told what to do and it’s good to work by yourself isn’t it.

I’m more of a creative type of person, so at the age of  32 I took myself off to University to do a degree in Jewellery Design, I stood up in front of the class to talk about my work, made lots of friends, went to parties (yes I know, scary). I then set up my own jewellery business, travelled up to London by myself to do jewellery shows, greeting potential customers and press. I think that’s quite bold.

What do you do? I still run my jewellery business which is my full time job, but I felt like I needed a new challenge and so I’ve just started up a new business. Pink Pooch Design combines my love of dogs and design perfectly. I’m creating a range of products for the modern dog Mum and I feel it’s given me a new creative outlet to get excited about.

Nicola 4

Nicola 6

What are you most proud of? I’m very self critical, so I don’t really think about being proud of what I’ve achieved, as I think I can always do better. On reflection though, I guess achieving a First Class BA (hons) in my thirties, then going on to create a successful business from scratch, is definitely something to be proud of.

Do you feel that your personality trait has helped you achieve your goals? As I run my business from home, I think being comfortable with my own company and having self drive and determination, is a definite plus point.

What advice do you have for introverts that are worried about chasing their dreams? Surround yourself with people that believe in you and if you really want to achieve something don’t listen to the negative people telling you that it’s not a good idea, they’re just jealous they don’t have the determination to succeed themselves. When I said to my Mum, do you think I should quit my job, go to uni and set up my own business? She said ‘It’s the things you didn’t do that you regret the most’. She’s very wise my Mum! When it all gets a bit overwhelming, I always remember an article I read about achieving something that seems impossible, titled; How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!

Thank you to Nicola for stepping out as a BOLD INTROVERT! Make sure you go and check out her awesome shop and buy some bits! You can also find her over on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook

Nicola C 3

2 comments on “Bold Introvert; Let’s Hear From Nicola

  1. I agree that all you did for your jewelry business was very bold. Well done!

  2. krismadeablog

    Great interview. It does take boldness to go back to school.
    You’re right, I rarely hear someone telling extroverts they’re talking too much. I hear “you’re too quiet” being told to introverts often. It’s like your quietness affects them. I used to feel like I was doing something wrong and make an effort to make some kind of conversation.

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