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Sometimes I’m An INFJ? Sometimes I’m Not?

Sometimes I’m an INFJ, sometimes I’m not? How is that possible?

I’ve always known I’m an introvert but it was only in the last couple months that I found out about this Myers Briggs personality test. There’s loads of free tests going around but I originally completed this one and I was slightly confused when I got my results…

‘INFJ’ … what on earth is that?

So I decided to research

I really related to being an INFJ

I started Googling ‘INFJ’ and found loads of information about how this new abbreviation apparently explained my whole existence. I read blog posts, I jumped on Reddit, I searched the INFJ hashtag on Twitter. There was so much to take in. It was like I unearthed a secret society. There were so many people that shared the same experiences as me. Strangely I felt everything I was reading but understood little. (INFJs will understand). When people asked me what an INFJ was…I couldn’t really explain it. I just knew I had found ‘home’. I had found a new community of people that seemed to share the same life experiences as myself and I’ll be honest, it was an enlightening experience. I felt like all the articles I read were written for me. It was like all the tweets containing #INFJ were messages directly from my inner self speaking back to me through words on a screen. It was like a rebirthing experience. A homecoming. It was like I had found my way back to my true self and I felt somewhat at peace.


I loved being apart of the 1%

As I continued researching about this ‘INFJ’ trait I was shocked and also not surprised to find out it was the rarest personality type. Only 1%?! Now initially I thought that’s pretty cool! Who wouldn’t want to be apart of the 1%! Then I found out Oprah Winfrey was an INFJ too! Well, that just sealed the deal! Me and Ms Winfrey were basically besties! lol

However, my INFJ bubble was burst abruptly on Sunday 5th August at approximately 9pm. My few months of new found identity came crashing down. I was confronted with this new reality that I had just tested as an ISFJ.

I know, I know. Let me explain.

On Sunday 5th August, I was on my laptop, thinking of a blog post to write…(because that’s what I do…I write). Anyways, I was sat there with my ‘INFJ’ self, thinking what topic I should explore this week. In my thought process I got completely distracted and ended up taking another online personality test (as you do). I thought, let me just double check if I’m really this thing called an ‘INFJ’. I answered the questions honestly and expected to see the same results.

But I didn’t.

I remember staring blankly at the screen looking at the letters ISFJ…

I felt like a fraud

I felt like I was a fraud. I felt like I forced my way into the INFJ community without doing the proper checks. I had it in my Twitter profile (still do) and I told all my friends and family that I’m apart of this ‘1%’. When you align yourself with a particular personality trait and join all these communities and genuinely feel like you connect with these strangers on the deepest level you’ve ever experienced, it’s a bit rubbish to find out you’re not really one of them!

So I decided to take the test again…and yup you guessed it…I was back to being an INFJ

I realised that you can’t always follow labels…

Ok so now that made me totally confused. Am I an INFJ or an ISFJ? This then made me question the whole personality trait thing.

Can someone’s life really be defined by an abbreviation? Should we even bother to adhere to these labels?

Yes and no.

I think labels are great to form some kind of understanding and identity of yourself, but I don’t think it should be the base of your whole existence. I believe that there’s something more spirited about us as people and these spirits cannot be labelled. We’re all different. Technically, we’re all apart of that 1% and I suppose I didn’t really need a personality test to tell me that! Whether you’re an INFP, ISFJ or an ITSPIJGJG. There’s only one of you! And there will never be another copy.

However, I don’t completely disregard the Myers Briggs test as it has really helped explain some of my traits and ways I operate. I can accept that most of the time I display traits of an INFJ. I love talking about deep philosophical theories. I love talking about abstract things (INFJ). But then I also like order and base my decisions on past experiences and things that I can understand logically (ISFJ).

So is it possible for me to be an INFJ on a good day? And an ISFJ on a bad one? Or even the other way round?

Who knows?

I’m definitely a BOLD INTROVERT

One thing I know for sure is that I’m definitely a BOLD INTROVERT! I don’t care if people don’t understand my introversion. I’ve come to realise that being an introvert is awesome and we hold so many unique traits that this world needs! Introversion is one label I welcome whole heartedly and would proudly wear it on a t-shirt if I could (check out some cool introvert tees here).

Anyways folks, just thought I’d share that with you. What do you think to the Myers Briggs personality traits? Is it a load of rubbish or do you think yours is pretty accurate?

Comment below your Myers Briggs personality type!

You can take the test here and let me know what you are below!

Writer. Entrepreneur. Content Creator. Wife. Mother & Founder of Quietly Ambitious and all round BOLD introvert! You'll probably catch me with a cup of tea in one hand and typing with the other. Not ideal I know *slurps*

10 comments on “Sometimes I’m An INFJ? Sometimes I’m Not?

  1. You probably are right on the edge in that one area (S vs N). In 2010, I tested as an ISFP, but now test results always return ISTJ.

  2. krismadeablog

    I mostly end up as an INFP on my online test, but sometimes I get rated an INFJ. I think I’m somewhere in the middle. I plan on taking an official test given by a certified administrator to see what it says.
    That being said, I believe the types are just a guidepost (not a rulebook) to figuring out who I am.

  3. Fellow INFJ here 🙂 I’ve taken the test twice so far (with a few years in between) and both times got the same result. But I can totally imagine that you might be somewhere in the middle ground for one of the four categories and sometimes get different results because of that. As long as it still helps you understand yourself and finding connections, it’s all good. These tests can help us learn about ourselves and how we fit into the world, but that doesn’t mean we have to live our whole lives according to them. At least, that’s how I see it 🙂

    • Hey Nele! Yeah I think I’m definitely in the middle. I agree with you that it provides a good foundation for us to work on. I just wish I took this test at school!

  4. I’ve always questioned the accuracy of Myers-Briggs, because I get a different result every time I take that test.

  5. eleanorakaho

    Guys, I know I’m late to the party but… Cognitive functions! The MBTI tests have been found to focus more on the four letters than the cognitive functions and that accounts for a lot of the confusion out there!

    Introverted intuition
    Extraverted feeling
    Introverted thinking
    Extraverted sensing

    Introverted sensing
    Extraverted feeling
    Introverted thinking
    Extraverted intuition

    Our middle functions are the same which is why we gel so well and can seem so similar in our decision-making. However, the way we perceive the world and collect the information to make decisions/reach understandings is really different. I love being around my ISFJ bestie because I find the similarities and differences SO fascinating!

    Please look it up if you haven’t already – cognitive functions are seriously the missing pieces of your personality puzzle!

  6. eleanorakaho

    I’m late to the party but for anyone who is confused, look up “cognitive functions” – it’s the missing piece of your personality puzzle!

    Unfortunately, the MBTI tests you on the four letters, though the tests are now changing. The thing that determines your personality type is actually which 4 of the 8 cognitive functions you use and the order in which you use them.

    Introverted intuition
    Extraverted feeling
    Introverted thinking
    Extraverted sensing

    Introverted sensing
    Extraverted feeling
    Introverted thinking
    Extraverted intuition

    The two overlap in the middle and that accounts for the similarities in how they present when it comes to decision making. However, they take in new information very differently in order to reach those decisions! I love observing how similar me and my ISFJ bestie are and how we strengthen each other’s weakest functions!

    Anyways, I could go on… 😅
    Hope this helps someone xx

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