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3 Quick Ways For Introverts To Increase Their Income

So, you’re an introvert who’s in need of extra income. The only problem is that you already work in an energy draining role and you can’t imagine taking on anymore work. The thought of doing sales calls in your own time seems like a nightmare! After a long day of fake smiling and endless meetings you would much rather just curl up in a ball with your favourite book.

However, there are some quick ways introverts can increase their income with little energy! And these ways are quite simple!

But first, why should you even bother with getting extra income

Seven streams of income

Apparently, we should all have additional streams of income. Seven to be exact (correct me if I’m wrong!). We shouldn’t rely on one stream of income. For example, if you’re employed, you shouldn’t just rely on your monthly pay cheque. It’s a risk many of us take and we fail to realise that no job is secure. Your job could be here one day and gone the next. So, if there was an urge for you to make more money, this is it.

Plus, who would say no to an extra £500 per month? I know I wouldn’t.

Your job may not be around forever

Now I don’t want to plant fear in your minds but you need to understand that job security is a thing of the past. When large companies like Rolls-Royce can axe 4,600 jobsit does make you worry. That’s 4,600 lives that will change drastically if they didn’t have a back-up plan. Gone are the days where you can remain in a job for 30+ years and get a decent pension at the end. We all need to be smarter with our time and money.

I remember witnessing this first-hand at my job in a large retail company. One day I came in and by lunchtime a whole department was gone! Just like that! Witnessing that at the tender age of 22, fresh out of university and very naive about the corporate world, I experienced the harsh realities employment can bring. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against employment; at times it’s a necessary evil. Bills need to be paid. But what I realised is I didn’t want to rely on a job as my only source of income.


Focus on increasing income streams

The point is, we all need more than one income stream. Having 7 streams of income may be a stretch for most, especially if you’re an introvert. Working full time, whilst raising a family and trying to maintain a reasonable social life is sometimes impossible. But there are ways you can increase your income without draining yourself further.

I’ll be honest, these ideas won’t necessarily make you a millionaire and it may not drastically change your life but it will give you a little more security. You’ll begin to learn the importance of supplementing your income. Most of these ideas can run in the background and don’t take too much of your energy to set up. It’s all about smart working and not overstretching yourself too much!

Are you ready for the tips?

1. Resell items online

eBay, Amazon and Etsy are all great platforms to resell or sell items. For myself, I use eBay. I find the interface easy to use and it’s really simple to set up and sell items. You have direct communication with the customer and can resolve any issues really quickly. I have the app set up on my phone so once an item sells I get a nice little ‘cha ching’ from my PayPal app to indicate the money has been received. It’s quite a nice feeling to know you’re making money even when you’re out and about! I sell pretty much everything I can get my hands on. I also source items from other places too but…at the moment that’s top secret! 😀

The reason this is so great for introverts is that there is;

a) No self-promoting involved! you don’t have to find customers, they find you

b) No phone calls! All customer queries are dealt with over messaging/email

Selling on a well-established platform is a great way to earn a bit of extra cash. I usually schedule one day to photograph and list my products then I leave it to work. I don’t stress about it too much. Providing you write accurate descriptions in the title, people will find you. There’s obviously some extra research you could do to increase your chances, like competitor pricing, demand for the product etc. It all depends on how far you want to take it.


2. Affiliate schemes

There’s no secret these days that you can earn extra money promoting other people’s products. As a thank you from the company they usually pay you a commission based on a % of the sale price. If you already have a decent following online then you could usually profit from this. Your followers wouldn’t have to pay any extra but their support will give you some extra money each month.

A lot of businesses are now offering affiliate schemes but you can also sign up for the Amazon affiliate program. This is great because you can pretty much buy anything on Amazon. So if you were for example, to be writing a blog post about garden furniture you could login to your affiliate account and find a link for some relevant products and list them in your blog.

One you’ve written your blog post you can leave it to make money for itself

3. Matched Betting

Now matched betting sometimes receives a lot of bad press. For those that don’t understand it actually believe it is still a form of gambling. But it really isn’t. It’s gambling without risk. Yes, you’ll go onto gambling websites and place bets and put some money in but instead of banking on luck to bring you in money, you’ll be following mathematical calculations. Done correctly you’ll incur no loss. Whether you win or lose the bet is irrelevant.

I have done this before and made an additional £45 from a £10 bet. This way to make an additional income is great for introverts because again there’s no sales calls involved. It only requires you to sit behind your computer and do a few mathematical calculations. Now if maths isn’t your strong point I wouldn’t go in doing huge bets. You’ll end up losing money but there are great websites such as Profit Accumulator who have a calculator and a step by step guide to help you through the process.


So there you have it. Each of these ideas could bring you a couple extra hundred pounds a month. It doesn’t take too long to do and once you’ve done them enough times you’ll be fine.

It is my aim to empower all ambitious introverts out there to be the best they can be. I know our social energy is limited and I also know how difficult it can be for us to navigate through this busy and noisy world. Therefore, I aim to provide tips where I can to make your life a bit easier.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our BOLD INTROVERT series where we have amazing interviews from introverts just like you! Who are bold, fearless and chasing their dreams!

Writer. Entrepreneur. Content Creator. Wife. Mother & Founder of Quietly Ambitious and all round BOLD introvert! You'll probably catch me with a cup of tea in one hand and typing with the other. Not ideal I know *slurps*

11 comments on “3 Quick Ways For Introverts To Increase Their Income

  1. krismadeablog

    I’ve only one other blogger mention match betting, but I never looked into it. I’ll definitely take a look at it now. I didn’t know to entry price was so low.

    • Yeah on Profit accumulator they give you a step by step guide and they guarantee you’ll make money. For bigger wins you’ll need more money to put in your reserve but to test it out you don’t need a lot

  2. I feel like whether you an introvert or not these are perfect ‘low effort’ ways to increase the income. I love this blog! I just came from a repost and I am glad I found you. Usually WordPress bloggers are the ones I read from the most because opening blogs in Safari is a long job (because we basically have no Wi’Fi, we have a bit… but not when we need it! XD)
    It’s been nice reading this and I have found out some things! I don’t need this post yet as I am still in school but I’ll be coming back to this post in the future hoping that it is relevant.
    Have a nice Sunday!
    Erin | http://kittyjadeblog.com

  3. Great advice! Question about affiliate programs – I’m familiar with Amazon, but leery of all my eggs being in one basket (doing affiliate through amazon, selling my book through Amazon, considering doing reselling through Amazon.) What would be your number two pick for affiliate services?

    • Thanks for taking the time to read this post! Much appreciated!

      To answer your question, another way is contacting brands directly. I tend to contact smaller brands as sometimes it’s easier to get an answer. So if you’re a blogger, look for brands within your niche and simply ask them the question. It can be a bit more difficult to track payments etc because it’s not coming from one place, but it still could be an alternative for you if you don’t want to use Amazon

      Hope that helped! Let me know how you get on ☺️

  4. Gwenneth Leane

    This blog is very informative and helpful. I found it very interesting, the way it was written. Thank you

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