How To Instantly Reduce Your Blogging Workload! (Introvert Friendly)

Introvert friendly blogging tips? Reducing your workload that doesn’t include employing someone or picking up the phone to speak to someone? If you’re looking for a way to manage your blog better and reduce your workload, then keep on reading!

Don’t worry I’ve made it all introvert friendly for you all!

Today I’ll share with you my exact tips I use to help reduce my blogging workload. If you don’t already know, I’m a wife, mother of an energetic 2 year old, I work part time, run an eBay business and I manage this blog. However, in the midst of all the chaos I still manage to bring you 3 blog posts every week and have been doing so consistently for a few months! So how do I do it?

Well…I’d like to say I stay up hours on end working through the night…but I don’t. As much as my life is busy I do value a balanced lifestyle (and you should too). I’ll be honest I probably spend at the most 8 hours a week working on my blog. But in those 8 hours I do things that make my efforts go further.


Now there are some introvert friendly ways you can instantly reduce your blogging workload! If you have access to the internet and a laptop/mobile which you most certainly do if you’re a blogger! Then you can reduce your blogging workload with a few clicks and a few messages to the right people!

Now, before I reveal my secrets (all for free may I add! lol) it would be great if you could drop me a comment or give this post a like if you found it useful! I like to help wherever I can so if this helps you, let me know!!

So here goes…

1. Online Freelance Platforms

There are great websites where you can find people willing to do work for a one off fee. This is also known as freelance or gig work. They’re both the same, it’s essentially a short term employee minus all the added costs that come with employing someone! Also, you don’t have to speak to them face to face!

My favourite website to use is Fiverr. This is an online marketplace for freelance services. You can simply logon, post a request and receive loads of offers from people willing to take on your project! For cheap! You can also browse freelancers to see what they’ve got to offer. It’s really reasonable and a lot of the gigs start at $5 (hence the name). It’s great for quick jobs and I’ve used it for logos, simple graphic design and social media management.

For example, if you’re following me on Instagram you’ll see that I post these great images with quotes. Now I used to create these images myself, but found myself spending hours finding images, creating it and then resizing it for different platforms. It became time consuming. So instead I decided to head over to Fiverr and put out a request for graphic design. I posted my request and the next morning I woke up to 22 requests. I went through all the profiles and finally picked the one that interested me.

1-2-01Tiffany insta post

Once I chose the freelancer I wanted, I spoke with them over instant messaging (No phone calls needed! Yay!) and within a few back and forth messages he was well on his way completing the project. Within 48 hours I received 100 images all in different sizes ready to post on social media. 100 images! That would’ve take me ages to do! In between changing nappies, cooking and cleaning I would have never finished it in such a short space of time. He did all of this for $40 (the equivalent of £30.52)! Now that saved me 48 hours which meant I was able to write more blog posts and spend valuable time with my family.

Remember, it’s not about hard work, but smart work!

Fiverr isn’t the only platform like this, here are a few more you can check out!



Five Squid

People Per Hour


2. Social Media Management Systems

Social media is a great tool to attract people to your blog. It’s another way to say ‘hey world! I’ve got this amazing website come and see!’. However, social media can be time consuming! Thinking of content, creating the content but worst yet is posting the content! When you’re out and about it can be difficult to find the time to post.

However, there are some great social media systems you can use to schedule all your posts for the week which saves so much time! Again, the great thing is that you don’t have to speak to anyone, not even on instant messenger! You simply just create a profile and link your accounts and start scheduling. I use this quite a lot. I tend to schedule my posts for the week and then throughout the week I’ll logon to Twitter and post extra tweets if I feel like it. This is great because it ensures there is still a constant flow of tweets even when I’m feeling a little burnt out from my busy day!

My favourite system is Hootsuite and I’ve recently been introduced to Tailwind*. Both platforms can be used for free and allow you to schedule content for most platforms including Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook etc.

Blogging doesn’t have to be complicated. The key is consistency and if you’re like me; a busy introvert who tries to do it all but really can’t ! Then these two tips will help you to go further and be more consistent in your blogging.

Let me know how you get on! Feel free to drop anymore questions below

*Get $15 free credit if you sign up using the link

Do you have any blogging tips? Share below

Please note that this blog post may contain affiliate links which means at no extra costs to you if you click on the link and make a purchase I receive a commission.

Writer. Entrepreneur. Content Creator. Wife. Mother & Founder of Quietly Ambitious and all round BOLD introvert! You'll probably catch me with a cup of tea in one hand and typing with the other. Not ideal I know *slurps*

6 comments on “How To Instantly Reduce Your Blogging Workload! (Introvert Friendly)

  1. Scheduling posts is something i desperately need to start doing!

  2. This was amazing. In regards to finding a freelancer to find pics for your post, how did you decipher who to choose?

    • Thank you. Glad you enjoyed it. I looked at the quality of their work and looked at their reviews and I didn’t just go for the cheapest. I went for mid range prices. I didn’t want to spend too much but I still wanted to quality. Also I choose someone that allowed unlimited revisions, so that way if I wasn’t happy they would amend it.

      Hope that helps

  3. Great tips! I just started using Hootsuite – it hasn’t been going great 🙂 so I’ll check out Tailwind. Also a great idea to outsource that kind of design work. I might need to do that down the line. Thanks again!

    • Sorry about your experience with Hootsuite. Tailwind is also very good although I’ve only been using it for 2 weeks.

      Yes it’s a great thing to do! Saves so much time ! Thanks for stopping by

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