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Bold Introvert; Let’s Hear From Cat

Name Cat Rose

Random question: You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why? I actually had an amazing crayon as a kid: it was a rainbow crayon! It was shaped like a flat rectangle, and if you pressed down right, you’d draw the perfect rainbow! I’d have to go with that one to reflect my multipassionate tendencies.

Are you a bold introvert? Have you always been one? I’d say so! I haven’t always considered myself bold, but at some time during college I came out of my shell. I actually didn’t consider myself an introvert at this time; it wasn’t until I fully understood the Jungian-based definition of the term that I admitted I was a total introvert – but with bold tendencies!

What do you do? I help my fellow creative introverts get their work seen and ultimately, sold! I know the challenges we face with talking about our work, spreading the word and having the confidence to ask for a fair price for our efforts.

I do this through my online community, the League of Creative Introverts, as well as my podcast (The Creative Introvert) and one-to-one services.

Wildfire Women - Sep 2017

What are you most proud of? That’s a tough one! I think remaining dedicated to expanding my comfort zone on a weekly basis. I added a second weekly show to my podcast documenting my ‘Year of Fun’, a year of weekly experiments that I report back to my audience on. My hope (other than for personal growth) is to inspire other introverts to give their comfort zone a bit of a stretch, and reap the benefits.

Do you feel that your personality trait has helped you achieve your goals? I think so. I’ve been praised for my ability to pay true attention to someone in conversation; a skill I think (1) comes naturally to most introverts and (2) is very much appreciated by your conversational partner – even if it’s on a subconscious level.

What advice do you have for introverts who are worried about chasing their dreams? Write about it. My experience is that introverts, on the whole, have a tendency to get lost in their inner worlds. Not a bad thing… until you’re stuck there and paralyzed to take action in the ‘real’ world.

Journaling daily, writing any and all random thoughts that pop into my head, has made a huge difference to how I get clarity on what I want and freedom from what’s stopping me from getting it.

Three journal prompts for those introverts:

  • What do I want?
  • Why do I want it?
  • What’s in my way?

Cat Rose helps creative introverts show their work and get the exposure they deserve. She does this through the League of Creative Introverts, an online community, as well as one-to-one services and her podcast.

Her aim in life is to help all her clients do what they love and realise their dreams, whilst honouring their personality type and preferences.

She’s currently researching the links between personality types and creativity and how we can use our self-knowledge become more confident and get our work seen, shared and sold.

Find out more about Cat and her great work over on her website. 

You can also follow Cat on Twitter and Facebook

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  1. love reading your blog!

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