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5 Things Every Introvert Needs To Thrive!

Being a BOLD INTROVERT means that your life may be busy. You may be spending a lot of your day trying to ‘extrovert’ to secure that deal or to build a better team.

Let’s face it, it can be pretty difficult for an introvert to thrive in this extroverted world. There are so many things demanding our attention that we hardly get time to be ourselves.

But there are some things that are essential for us to thrive in this loud and chaotic world. These things are small but effective in bringing peace and calm to our lives! Sometimes for us to bring our best self to the meeting or to a networking event means taking care of our self first, by doing the things we enjoy!

1. A good book

Pretty sure most of us spent 9 months in our mother’s womb reading a book of some sort! Reading is innate for us and a good book cannot be compared! Reading a good book allows us to shut off and explore the world of someone else! Reading invigorates our imagination. It takes us to another world and the best part about all of this, is that we can do this without speaking to a soul!



2. To Do List

A life without one wouldn’t be a life at all! To do lists are essential for our productivity. We like structure and order and a well written to do list gives us just that. The satisfaction we feel after ticking things off our list is like no other!

Admittedly some of us have probably even written completed tasks on our lists just so we can tick them off!

Productivity feels great!



3. Journal

There’s something special about writing in a good quality journal (never notebook). Our journals are non judgemental and completely understanding of our needs. A journal is a place where we find solace. It’s our safe place where we can open up fully and express ourselves. Introverts absolutely need this to off load. There’s a lot that happens in our minds and like extroverts we also need to socialise, but in this case it’s with our journals and pens.

They get us.


4. Phone

Mobile phones tends to get a lot of bad press. We’re encourage to use our phones less, and to a certain extent I agree. But for an introvert our phones can be an absolute lifesaver in an awkward social setting. We don’t always feel like talking and sometimes a busy social environment can be overwhelming. Periodically ‘checking out’ and picking up your phone to scroll could actually help make the situation less awkward. It also gives you a few moments to recharge before speaking to the next person!

Now don’t go and tell everyone that Natalie said ‘I must stay glued to my phone!’ because that’s not the case, but a phone is a great way to help an introvert in times of need!

5. Tea

A hot beverage literally touches our soul in a way no one else can. There’s something soothing about drinking tea in complete silence.  From the moment the tea touches our lips it becomes a spiritual experience. It’s relaxing. It’s medicinal. It gets rid of all our problems and it’s the only way we survive in this chaotic world.

Ok, admittedly this could just be a preference for myself! But drop me a note in the comments if you LOVE tea also!

There you have it! 5 simple things that every introvert can do to thrive

Do you agree? what else do you need with you to thrive? Leave a comment below

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Writer. Entrepreneur. Content Creator. Wife. Mother & Founder of Quietly Ambitious and all round BOLD introvert! You'll probably catch me with a cup of tea in one hand and typing with the other. Not ideal I know *slurps*

1 comment on “5 Things Every Introvert Needs To Thrive!

  1. krismadeablog

    Good point about the phone. I admit that I sometimes pick up a phone so I won’t have to talk to anyone.

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