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Why Introvert Entrepreneurs Need Extrovert Business Partners

You’ve been in the entrepreneurial circle a while now. You understand how things run, you make the sales and file your accounts on time. The cash flow is consistent and the once rocky ship now seems to be cruising smoothly. Things are going well for you, but something isn’t right.

You’re burnt out!

As an introvert, you’ve had to juggle activities that you would much rather not do! The continuous networking events and conference calls are taking a toll.

You want to continue on your entrepreneurial journey because it’s your absolute pride and joy, but you don’t know how much longer you can handle it!

But wait! Before you throw in that towel you may want to consider this!

Get yourself an extroverted business partner!

No really, try it!

Providing that you do your due diligence, an extroverted business partner could be the answer you’re looking for!

Extroverts are natural socialisers

Extroverts enjoy the buzz of a conversation. An extrovert’s energy increases the longer they communicate. They are able to think on their feet and can come up with answers much faster and savvier than an introvert would. You could simply let their charm and witty personality take centre stage while you sit back and observe!

For example, you’re at a networking event and there’s lots of people. Your usual approach might be to stand to the side and hope someone speaks to you first. However, if you came armed with an extroverted business partner it could completely change the evening for you. The extrovert may naturally bring people to you! Which means lots more networking and potential opportunities. Not to mention, they could get all the small talk out the way and you can jump in the conversation when you’re ready!


Preserves your social energy

What happens when an introvert socialises too much? That’s right, a social hangover. Introvert burnout is not useful when running a business. The business needs you to be on top form all the time. It needs you to be prepared and ready for any opportunity that arises. As an introvert entrepreneur this requires a delicate balance between independent working and selling.

Unfortunately selling is apart of the territory as an introvert entrepreneur, there’s no way out of it. However, having an extroverted business partner helps alleviate the pressure an introvert might feel whilst continuously communicating or selling. Perhaps allocating sales calls to your extroverted business partner could give you more time to spend on business development.

Extroverts can assume the leading role

Another way an extrovert could help is by assuming the lead role in activities that require a lot of communication. For example, conference calls or business meetings. Let them lead the discussion while you listen and take notes.

However, this isn’t a way of you getting out of the conversation! Absolutely not! Remember, you’re still performing a crucial task for the business by recording much needed information. What’s the point in having a meeting if no one takes notes? Or if no one pays attention to the little things? All the information would be lost and nothing would get done!

The introvert entrepreneur is so important in this situation to catch the smaller details that an extrovert may have missed.

That’s why the introvert/extrovert business partnership is so great!


Play to your strengths!

It’s not that you lack the confidence to network or lead conference calls, because you’re hugely bold! You’ve been bold enough to run your business on your own. Some people wouldn’t have the guts to do it. That’s why you should look at the business partnership as a way to play to your strengths!

You don’t like networking? The extrovert probably will! (This is not to say all extroverts enjoy networking but the probability is higher). An extroverted business partner can make up for what the introvert entrepreneur may be lacking and vice versa!

Ask for help

As an introvert, asking for help doesn’t come naturally, it’s almost alien to us. Most of us start out on our entrepreneurial journey with good intentions. We believe that we can do it all and we don’t ask for help…ever! However, finding an extroverted business partner can be one of the best ways to ask for help without directly doing so! The partnership becomes a way to extend your efforts further. You can assign roles to each other and hold each other accountable. An extroverted business partner essentially becomes an extension of you and the business.

Moving forward

To keep a boat moving forward both oars need to be rowing in unison. Only using one oar will leave you going round in circles. For a business to work you need equal effort on both sides. For example, an introvert may be great at product development but not so keen on selling. Having a great product sat in the warehouse is no good if no one is buying. A business needs to make sales otherwise it’s just another hobby. Likewise, an extrovert may enjoy networking and creating leads but if there is nothing of quality to sell then the efforts are wasted.

The point is, the introvert extrovert business partnership is an example of how great something can be when you are moving together in unison.


Look at your options

Introverts need not give up their passion because it’s burning them out!

Finding an extroverted business partner is only one suggestion but you could equally outsource some of the work. For example, hiring a sales rep to do the calls. Don’t look at it as failure, look at is as expanding your business.

As introverts, we all have a special ability to be great! Our quiet power is unrivalled and once we find out how to mitigate the things that drain us that’s when we’ll begin to thrive!

Disclaimer: Business partnerships should be a careful consideration. Make sure that your work ethics and goals match up. There’s nothing worse than bringing someone into your business venture that has a different vision to you


Writer. Entrepreneur. Content Creator. Wife. Mother & Founder of Quietly Ambitious and all round BOLD introvert! You'll probably catch me with a cup of tea in one hand and typing with the other. Not ideal I know *slurps*

1 comment on “Why Introvert Entrepreneurs Need Extrovert Business Partners

  1. krismadeablog

    Excellent. By having two different personality types, both partners will have something to bring to the table. I liked that you mentioned that their goals and ethics should match up. I think most extroverts would try to run all over introverts. It’s best to reduce the chances of those clashes happening.

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