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Bold Introvert; Let’s Hear From Katie

Name: Katie Houghton

Random question: You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?

My automatic reply to that would be pink, if you asked anyone else who knows me what colour I am, they too would tell you I am pink! I have a weakness for pink, I have a pink kitchen with pink toaster, kettle, microwave etc. The bedroom started off neutral to save my poor partner but inevitably the pink crept in.

My poor partner I think doubted his own sanity when we got a new sofa and he was drawn to a pink sofa! (very dusk pink, not raging pink, but pink all the same and it now sits in our lounge along with the matching chair.)

I try to move away from it but it always comes back to get me, so I think I can safely say pink!


Are you a bold introvert? Have you always been one? (If not, What was the defining moment for you): That’s quite a difficult question! The introvert part is easy, I have always been one. I was painfully shy when I was little, I barely spoke to anyone and refused to go to school on my birthday because they used this torture device. Better known as making the birthday boys and girls go to the front of assembly to get a sticker and have the whole hall sing happy birthday!!!! That was the stuff nightmares were made of for me so I point blank refused to go.

These days I’m not AS shy but I’m still an introvert. I find social situations stressful and I like my own company, working on my own things, by myself lol.

I would say I have grown to be bold. Especially in my own life and my experiences with mental health. There was a time when I would not speak about it, I wouldn’t let any doctors in (I was always told that i was a very difficult book to read) I didn’t trust easy and I didn’t want to accept help because that meant being honest about my feelings and my guard was sky high!

I have a totally different attitude tho this now, it’s been a very long journey but I am very open about my mental health now and very passionate about raising awareness on mental health issues.

I have recently finished writing a book on my own mental health journey and my experiences which I have wanted to do for some time but I guess I now feel bold enough to do it and share it with others!

It is totally honest and I wanted it to be something that people can relate to. I am currently raising the funds to get it professionally edited which will enable me to get it out there and hopefully help others!

I guess I realised I was getting no where being so guarded and I needed to speak out and be heard if I wanted anything to change.

I have also got more confident in designing new products and selling via my etsy shop, I am very self critical but i have learned to be more bold in this area too and not underprice myself and my time which is quite a difficult thing to do! It’s something I am continually building on.


What do you do? 

I don’t have a “day job” due to health issues which I can beat myself up for on a regular basis but I have an etsy shop


I also have a website where I send “Happy Post” free to those struggling with mental illness and where I also have a blog.

This is something quite new but something that has been received very well and that i am passionate about. I know what it is like in the throws of mental illness and to feel alone and that some times it can just take some kind words from someone outside of your immediate support network who understands what you are going through to make you smile and this is what I aim to do, just spread a little hope!


As mentioned previously I have also written a book, I am so passionate about getting this published and to offer something that hopefully others can relate to. I have had a nearly 20 year battle with the mental health system and trying to get the right help. I have fought and beat anorexia, fought and beat self harm and I have bipolar disorder and subsequently have had six hospital admissions. I have had some good and some terrible care and It’s extremely important to me to highlight this and also show people that no matter how long the battle, there IS hope and things CAN and WILL get better.

I currently have a kickstarter campaign where I am raising funds for the editing as without this I can’t take it any further and i am offering creative rewards off the back of my etsy shop as a thank you to anyone who would like to support me which I am so so grateful for.

I hope to build on my mental health awareness work and plan to expand in this area as well as keep building my etsy shop!

What are you most proud of?

I am most proud firstly of my daughter because she’s my world. I am also proud that I am here, that I have continued to fight and that my experiences have made me empathetic, kind and open minded rather than bitter and twisted. I am proud that my experiences in life haven’t broken me. They may have limited what I have done, which is something I will always struggle with but they have also made me the person that I am. I am proud that I didn’t give up all the times I hit rock bottom and that I continue to fight.

Do you feel that your personality trait has helped you achieve your goals?

Absolutely. I have a very determined attitude. If I put my mind to something my whole heart goes with it and I rarely do something without giving it 110%. I hate to be defeated in anything.

Sometimes that can also be a curse, especially when you’re an introvert and if it moves outside of the little box I’m comfortable with I have a mini melt down haha, Bold and introvert can clash making things a little difficult at times!

My traits have all helped me though with how passionate I am about things and how I will give everything to something I set my mind to.

What advice do you have for introverts that are worried about chasing their dreams?

I would say, you have to start somewhere. Just one step. Then another, before you know it you’ve walked further than you thought you could and that inspires you to take a few more steps and so the confidence is built as you go.

I’m still not there by a long way but I refuse to let my mind defeat me, I refuse to give in to that voice that tells me I wont get anywhere, there’s no point in trying because if you don’t try then you don’t know and what is the worse that can happen?

I love the quote “The only things in life that we regret in the end, is the things that we didn’t try” I wholly believe this and think sometimes we literally have to tell ourselves (our minds) to shut up and do it anyway.

Go for it. You just never know.

Thank you for reading this inspiring post by Katie! Please go ahead and check her out! You could also nominate someone who may need some ‘happy post’!

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  1. krismadeablog

    Wow, it’s so kind of you to donate your time to sending “Happy Post”. I’m sure they appreciate it.

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