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4 Ways Your Degree Can Help You As A Blogger

You’ve finished uni and now you’re wondering what on earth you should do with your life? The idea of landing your perfect job seems to be disappearing by the second and now you find yourself looking at jobs completely unrelated to what you studied. We’ve all been through it, some of us are STILL going through it, 5 years later. Well unfortunately this blog post won’t really help you with landing that graduate job but what it will do is help you find a new hobby or secondary income that you will enjoy!

Graduate and blogger is a match made in heaven!

Here’s why


You ever heard of transferrable skills? These are the skills that everyone gets when they study at university. Whilst studying we all learn a basic skill set. We learn to read, write and analyse to a higher level than we’ve done before. These skills can be applied to many things in the world, and not just the discipline you studied.

The fact that you completed a degree and obtained a BA or BSc means that you’re already half way there to becoming a great blogger. You’ve already gained so many valuable skills to become successful in this blogging world.

Here are 4 skills that you can apply to blogging and absolutely kill it!

1. Analysis

What uni taught you

  • How to form and structure arguments
  • To always ask why
  • Not to take things for face value

Why’s this good for bloggers?

  • Helps you create interesting articles
  • Challenges the status quo – makes interesting reading

2. Structured planning

What uni taught you

  • To always write a plan before you write
  • To sign post the reader of what’s to come
  • To write for your audience

Why’s this good for bloggers?

  • Helps you to write blogs quicker
  • Helps create structured and coherent blog posts
  • Helps you build your following


3. Open mindedness

What uni taught you

  • To view things from both sides
  • To be more accepting of different views
  • To think outside the box

Why’s this good for bloggers?

  • Able to write articles covering both sides of argument
  • Able to leave blog posts open for further debates

4. Able to meet deadlines

What uni taught you

  • How to prioritise competing deadlines
  • How to work under pressure
  • How to produce content and work if tested

Why’s this good for bloggers?

  • Readers like consistency
  • Giving yourself deadlines will force you to get content out


There you have it. 4 ways your degree can help you as a blogger. So if you like the idea of blogging, then why not give it a go?

Are you a graduate thinking about becoming a blogger? Would be good to hear from you

Leave a comment below or share with your graduate friend

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