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Bold Introvert Series; Intro

Hello lovely people!

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I’m quite excited this week as I am starting a new series titled ‘BOLD INTROVERT’. This isn’t my first series as a few years back I did one on ambitious men and women. It went down really well so I decided to do one dedicated to BOLD INTROVERTS!

Now if you don’t know what a BOLD INTROVERT is…I’ll tell you (you can also have a read here). A BOLD INTROVERT is someone that isn’t ashamed of their quietness. It’s an introvert that is confident in their abilities and also pushes themself out their comfort zone to pursue their dreams. Take me for example, as of recent I’ve not been a fan of being in front of the camera (for various reasons). But I decided to challenge myself and take some pictures. Just imagine, I took these pictures in full view of passers by and I still had fun with it! And they came out great!


My point is, introverts don’t have to look a certain way! We all come in different shapes, sizes, colours and creed. There isn’t a typical looking introvert! And guess what? there’s more of us than you think! But quite often because of negative stereotypes people don’t like to admit it!

The aim of this BOLD INTROVERT series is to INSPIRE introverts. I think we all need a boost sometimes. Yes your quietness may frustrate you. Yes you may wish you could be louder. But the whole point of this series is to let you know that it’s ok to be quiet and it’s ok to not be the centre of attention! But what you CAN do is still live boldly and chase your dreams!

So this series will introduce you to all the wonderful BOLD INTROVERTS in the world! I’m really excited about this one! (wait, I said that already! Ha!)

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9 comments on “Bold Introvert Series; Intro

  1. Woohoo! I love this ๐Ÿ™‚ Excited for your series!

  2. proud introvert here! glad to came across with your post,
    My personality falls on Blue which is a legit type of introvert..
    I’m facilitating corporate induction for our new employee’s & been doing things out of my comfort zone.
    socializing gets me tired and presentation gives me a stomach upset, lol..

    and yes, I’m getting used to it by now..
    looking forward to read all your series

    all the best

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