Employers are more likely to hire introverts?

Have you ever worried that your quiet demeanour will destroy your chances of employment? Do you stumble over your words and worry that you’ll be overlooked in the interview process? Do you look at your extroverted peers and wish that you had the gift of the gab so you could sail through the questions?

You don’t need to worry anymore because I’m here to tell you…

Employers are looking for people like you!


Employers are looking for specific skills

Recent research found that employers were looking for candidates to have good problem solving, written communication and analytical skills. In fact, problem solving skills came top on the list with 82% of employers saying that was their most desirable skill! However, surprisingly, having a friendly outgoing personality only received 27% (1).


I was too!

Our hidden talents are in demand

Although we may not say much, we all have hidden talents and skills. These skills that the employers pride so highly are also our hidden super powers! We have a natural ability to be analytical problem solvers. It is in our nature to ponder on things before we act! Employers don’t necessarily want people that are going to do a lot of action without careful thought.

Now this is not to say we’re smarter than our extroverted friends, but the process behind these skills usually requires independent thinking and action, which is better suited to introverts! Employers are looking for people that can actually help move their business forward and not just people that can talk the talk.

I’m reminded of the iconic moment in Sister Act 2 when the choir are singing the famous ‘oh happy day’ and the quiet and unassuming Wesley Glen Ahmal James comes forward and belts out the highest note ever!!


He shocks everyone! Including his teacher and class mates that knew him well. They had no clue that he had that voice in him. But he always knew. He waited for the right moment and when it was his time to shine, he let it loose! Well, it’s a bit like that for us introverts. People may see us and think ‘she’s too quiet’ for that job or ‘she’s not outgoing enough’ to be in sales. But unbeknownst to them you’ve got a hidden super power that’s just waiting to be let loose!

And good news for us! Employers are looking for that hidden skill!

Now to answer my question…are employers more likely to hire introverts? Well it’s Yes and No. The skills they’re looking for are no doubt more commonly found in introverts but this is not to say an extrovert couldn’t hold these skills. But take this as encouragement that employers may not necessarily always be looking for the chatty  and bubbly person. They’re looking for something much deeper!

Apply for that job!

I challenge you to go back to that job that you swiped past the other week because you assumed it was better suited for an extrovert. I challenge you to apply for that role that pushes you out your comfort zone. Let’s stop thinking these jobs are only reserved for the extroverted. Let’s have more boldness to venture into the industries that we previously shied away from!

Can you relate to this? Have you ever not applied for a job because you thought you wouldn’t get it?



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