5 Ways Social Media Revolutionised The Lives Of Introverts

Can you remember a time before the internet? Nope? Before your time?

How about the time before Google? Nope? Me either

What about the time before Facebook? Well yeah you probably remember MySpace but the early days of social media now seem like a lifetime ago!

Social media has changed the world and how we all communicate. Some people love it, some hate it. Well I can tell you now. I’m for it! Especially because it has helped introverts in a massive way!

Here are 5 ways that social media has made things better for introverts !

Social media has helped many introverts show the world what they can really do!

  1. Gave us a voice

We can now communicate with hundreds and thousands of people all whilst being at home speaking to our camera or typing on a keyboard. It’s a strange concept when you think about it, but it works! It has allowed us to communicate with people all across the world without actually having to speak to anyone in person. That means we can save our precious energy for all the things we really want to do.

  1. Helped us to gain more friends

It made it easier to connect with likeminded people. It became easier to seek out individuals through the use of hashtags and Google searches. And for those that say ‘online friendships’ are fake, well I beg to differ. Quite often these friendships are taken offline and formed into genuine and lasting relationships.

  1. Allowed us to explore our creativity

We have been given the opportunity to speak about topics we care about, but doing it in a way that we didn’t have to be the centre of attention. We could simply write a blog post and release our thoughts then close the laptop and carry on with our day.

  1. Conserve our social energy

Real human interaction requires a lot more concentration and focus. As introverts we like to process everything, including the persons voice, tone, body language etc. – and it gets exhausting. Introverts have a limited supply of energy reserved for social interaction. It’s like gold. It’s very precious to us. But interacting on social media is less draining than it is doing it in person and that’s why it’s so great!

  1. Comfortable working environments

Many people, not just introverts are now able to make an income from the comfort of their own home. You’ve seen the videos on YouTube promoting that “laptop lifestyle”. Scam or not, we can definitely see how social media or the internet has given people the opportunity to work from home! Which is great news for us introverts! No more open plan offices and no more awkward lunch dates! Lol

Social media has opened doors for us as introverts and indeed the whole world to communicate more efficiently and effectively

But let us not forget, social media can never really replace sitting down with a friend and having a good chat. Even the most introverted of us would still agree that genuine human interaction is good for our mental health.

We just don’t want to overdo it!

What do you think about social media? Has it helped you in your career? What other things has social media helped you with?

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2 comments on “5 Ways Social Media Revolutionised The Lives Of Introverts

  1. Exploring my creativity and giving me a voice was definitely a plus. It’s also great interacting with people in different areas of the world who are similar to you. I really like social media but only for a particular time.

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