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Ambitious Women; Let’s hear from Nadine

Name | Nadine Robinson

Tell us a random fact about yourself | I broke my nose in secondary school whilst doing a ‘backdrop’ (which is a trampoline move). However, when I went to the doctors to get my nose checked out he said that I made it straighter… I never knew it was bent?! Moral of that story – keep control of yourself in all situations.

What is your current occupation? | I am currently a student. I am studying English Literature and Media at London South Bank University. With that being said, I consider being a mother my full time job.

Would you class yourself as an ambitious woman? | I would consider myself to be an ambitious woman – 100% I would. I feel that I am a woman who strives to excel in all aspects of life.

Have you always been ambitious? If not what was the turning point for you? | Looking back on my younger years I would say that I have always been ambitious. However, my confidence was not a high as some may have believed. During my teenage years I competed in a variety of sports and I feel that made me appreciate and understand the idea of what it meant to be ambitious and determined. Bearing this in mind, it also showed me what is expected of me if I want to be the best at what I am doing. However, I would say that I came into my own once I learnt how to be unapologetic about who I am as a person. I think this is something that comes in time for most people. For me, I started during my process of creating and failing in the blogging world. I attempted to create a blog about my thoughts and feelings on my life and the world around me – but because I was not 100% happy or content with who I was it became a bit of a battle opposed to an enjoyable journey. Fast-forward to 2013 when I started a brand new blog – now entitled Three Reign – I feel I have not only found my voice but I have learnt to be a woman who stands in her truth unashamedly. This for me was my turning point. Once I got to this milestone I began connecting and networking with other talented creatives. This in turn spurred me onto seek opportunities out that would help me reach my future goals within the writing world. Consequently, I got offered some amazing opportunities, such as having a piece of written work published in an American anthology called Love Letters to Our Daughters. All in all, I gained not only the confidence but also the awareness that I am capable of obtain my dreams if I remain true who I am.

nadine 2

What is your biggest achievement to date? | My biggest achievement will always be my beautiful children. But if I have to choose a specific moment in relation to my writing, it would be having a piece I wrote The Blood Runs Deep during the #BlackLivesMatters movement read during a Black Lives Matters Campaign by the creator of Ain’t I a Woman Collective – Ella Achola. The reason for this is that I don’t read my poetry out loud so to hear it come to life and read in such an emotive manner truly moved me.

What is your long term vision for yourself? | My aim is to go into teaching. On the creative side I would love to publish a book of poetry and affirmations. Hopefully this is something that will organically manifest in the coming years.

What have you sacrificed or willing to sacrifice to achieve your vision? | I have and am willing to sacrifice my time and energy. We truly do not realise how time and energy is invested making your dreams a reality. I know in the long run that investing in myself with only benefit me. In addition, I am willing to sacrifice a part of myself; as with writing I feel it is important to insert a small amount of who you are into each peace.

What advice can you give to other young women that want to pursue their dreams but are afraid to do so? | I would remind them that they have NOTHING to lose! At the end of the day if you never try then you are letting yourself and the world around you know that it is perfectly fine to reside in the realm of failure. We are all capable individuals and for this reason we should never doubt ourselves. Whatever, you feel that your purpose is pursue it, fight for it and create it one day at a time.

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