Entrepreneurship isn’t about money

When we think of entrepreneurship we think, Virgin, Apple and Facebook. We think of the innovative businesses of the 21st century that have shaped and changed culture as we know it. But with this word being thrown around do we really know what it means to be an entrepreneur?

Before we get into the core of this post make sure you read the 1st part of the series where I give my experience with entrepreneurship so far.

The definition of entrepreneurship doesn’t give an accurate representation of what it is really about. The definition portrays it as solely money focused and methodical. It describes it in terms of business. Whereas, in reality it is quite the opposite. It’s the part that happens before the business. It’s the thing that carries the business through difficult times and it’s the thing that makes it all worth it.

And what is this thing I’m referring to? Well it’s…passion! It’s the need for freedom and a desire for success.

It’s more than chasing money.

If you look at the story of successful entrepreneurs or even those that have just started out you’ll find a common thread. They all had a breaking point, an epiphany an ‘aha moment’ as Oprah likes to put it! It’s a point in their life where they develop this insatiable desire for success! Out of their passion an idea is born. From the stories I’ve read, very few (if none) started their business just because they wanted to be rich.  For example, to cite a few;

Phil Roberston had a passion for duck hunting and chose that over playing pro football for the NFL! He now owns a merchandising empire called Duck Dynasty!

Craig Jenkins-Sutton was a passionate gardener. He decided to set up a gardening landscaping business and along with creative marketing propelled his passion into a million dollar business.

Ali Brown founder for Elevate was a copywriter/account manager for an ad agency in NYC. She had enough of working long hours and not having her freedom. So she quit her job and set up a successful freelance company (1).

These are a few examples that show that entrepreneurship isn’t always about money. Let’s get it straight, money is a positive outcome but it is not always the driving force. Entrepreneurship is all about realising there is more to life than collecting your pay cheque at the end of the month. It’s about living to your full potential; through continuous and relentless personal development. But you have to be open to ask questions, challenge the norm and be brave enough to create a new norm when necessary.

But doing this for the love of money will be as empty as your wallet will be as a new entrepreneur. Money will never satisfy you. It is a means to an end…it’s the middle man to what you really want out of life; happiness. Don’t let money be the only factor to your happiness. Instead follow your passion wholeheartedly and let the money find you.

Start your journey with a clear goal, with a burning passion and with a vision that is bigger than yourself. If you hold on to your vision and truly believe it, your external situations will not affect you. Instead of working towards something for yourself, look to work towards something for your children, grandchildren or a nation. Attaching meaningful beliefs to your projects makes you accountable. That way you’ll be more likely to stick to it during the hard times because you would no longer be doing this for yourself but for others also.

Burden yourself with the desire to be the best!


  1. What inspired 10 successful entrepreneurs to become entrepreneurs http://www.inc.com/jeff-haden/what-inspired-10-successful-entrepreneurs-to-become-entrepreneurs.html


4 comments on “Entrepreneurship isn’t about money

  1. Helen Loewenstein

    Thanks Nat! Great read whilst at work! Hope you and mini bump are both well! Sending love and hugs! xxx Date: Wed, 13 Jan 2016 14:01:59 +0000 To: helenloewenstein@hotmail.com

  2. I really like this one! Whenever I thought of the word entrepreneurship, I always thought money and logic and that’s it. But I’ve learnt it involves a lot more than that. The main word that comes to mind is freedom. The freedom of using your ideas and creating something out of what you believe in, your passion.

    I love the idea of coming from a place that is bigger than yourself and also doing it for not just yourself but for others too!

    Thank you for sharing this, Natalie.

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