At the beginning of this year I wanted to buy something special to write my thoughts in. I remembered there was this company called PaperBlanks which made awesome and good quality journals. So I wandered around the stores looking for the perfect one! On Friday 30th January 2015 I found my special journal sat in John Lewis. It was quite expensive for what it was but I told myself it was an investment for the future. I wanted to get something of high quality that made me feel special whilst writing in it.

It was my life coach at the time that inspired me to start a journal as a good way to keep note of what I was doing and to see the progress in my life. If I’m honest I have had the tendency to not see things through right to the end but this journal has been one thing I kept to this year. I enjoyed it so much that it became the reason I started this online blog.

So now we’re nearing the end of 2015 and with only a day left to go I thought it would be great for me to read through my journal.

I decided to categorise each of my entries into positive, negative or neutral. Neutral entries were things such as to do lists, random notes and reminders. Positive entries were generally things that I had overcome or I was excited about. Negative entries were obviously times when I was feeling down and pessimistic about life.

I wrote a total of 68 entries this year which works out at least one journal entry a week. My longest period without writing in my journal was 6 weeks between May and June. I think this was partly because I went away during this period and didn’t take my journal with me. But otherwise I was quite regular in my writing.

Before going back to read through some of my entries I anticipated that most of it would be negative. Looking back on 2015 I could only identify a few highlights and most of it felt quite stressful. But after I went through and categorised each of my entries I realised it wasn’t as bad as I thought. It was quite balanced. [Obviously I need to take into account the times I didn’t write in my journal for whatever reason.]

My results were as follows;

Positive: 29

Neutral: 19

Negative: 20

My top biggest decisions/challenges this year were:

  • Deciding whether to pursue a career or business
  • Moving towns
  • Continuing my business
  • Losing interest in my business idea

Triumphs this year:

  • Courageously leaving my job to pursue other things
  • Putting myself in an uncomfortable situation and learning to develop and improve as a person
  • Learning to follow my dreams and ignore what people say

Unfinished projects:

  • Healthy eating
  • My business

Looking at these results I can see that I had quite a balanced year. Although the emotion I felt during the difficult times were evidently more intense than the good times. I tended to remember the negative times more than the positives. It seemed to leave more of an imprint on my mind.However, I always forced myself to see the positives in them too. That’s why it’s good to document things throughout your life. If I just relied on my mind I would have concluded that I had quite an awful year. But my journal reminded me that I definitely did have some good days.

All in all, 2015 has been very rocky. The latter part of the year has ended in a bang and I’m excited for what will come. I’m currently working on some honest and heart felt posts but I’m waiting for the right time to release. But just know that your girl is doing good and nothing will stop her from achieving her dreams!

For next year my aim is to write in my journal more regularly. At least 2 entries every week which should bring my yearly total to just over 100! I’m going to make more of a conscious effort to write in both good and bad times.

Sending peace and love your way and I wish you a fabulous 2 0 1 6 !! Bring it on !!


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