My slow exit out of childhood went unnoticed. That transition from adolescence to adulthood was so swift and seamless that it wasn’t until I turned 25, I realised that I was indeed ‘getting older’. Everything suddenly became more and more demanding. Responsibilities were coming at me from every direction. I no longer felt like I could carelessly meander through life and take each day as it comes but instead I was faced with questions about my life plans for the next 25 years. *sigh* [Does anyone actually sit down and plan this?]

I’ll be honest, sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed with all the responsibilities coming my way. The pressure is real and my responsibilities are imminent, but I’m reminded that I must always find enjoyment in the journey. Everyone wants to get to their end goal and everyone has a vision for their life but sometimes it doesn’t go the way you want it. That’s why you have to enjoy the journey and take the ups with the downs. It’s all apart of life.

But time is ticking and my parents are waiting for me to make some big decisions. The words “mortgage”, “career” and “plans” seem to haunt me on a daily basis. I can’t seem to escape it. It’s always in the back of my mind. I can see the importance of them but I also feel that the pressure of it will force me to make hasty decisions I’ll later regret. You see… I place a higher importance on other things i.e my personal development. I see that as more valuable than any house on the market today or any career someone could give me. It may sound fanciful and mystical but I actually want to find the true meaning of my life. I actually want to enjoy things in the moment, spend time with my loved ones and help them in the best way possible.  I constantly remind myself that I’ve made a life commitment to being a better me and that I will have to sacrifice some things along the way! So this may mean not having enough money to go on 2 holidays a year, or buy new clothes every week because I’m using my time to develop other things. While all of that is great and I have spent a lot of money on holidays etc in the past…right now…time is ticking and I don’t think it’s going to get me to my goals any quicker, so I need to put them on hold for a while.

I want to dedicate my time to personal development to ensure that I can become the best version of myself! Only then can I be put in a position that will help others. My hope is that I will pass on these traits to my children, my friends or even strangers that I meet. But the only way I can do that is if I take the time to gain complete happiness and fulfillment in my own life….something that cannot be rushed.

So don’t be mistaken if you haven’t seen me post about my ‘new job’, ‘first house’, or ‘new career path’ just know that I’m setting the foundation for my life. I’m making a life commitment; a promise to myself that I will never give up on becoming a better person. The plan is that once I’ve reached that stage then the material things will start to follow but believe me…it’s not the only goal…the ultimate aim is peace and happiness.

So if you feel like the clock is ticking and you need to make some decisions. Don’t feel pressurised to follow the path of everyone else. Create a path that is right for you and follow it to the end. People may not understand and it may not look ideal on the outside but you owe it to yourself to take the time to really find out who you are and what you want to be. Don’t be discouraged if this takes you 5, 10 or even 15 years! As long as you commit to it, you’re doing a good thing!

As always

“Let your dreams guide you”


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