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Breaking Point

The other day, a friend disclosed that they had been diagnosed with anxiety and depression. This came as a shock as I had always known this friend to be an upbeat, confident and sociable person. But now they were battling with this condition and they didn’t know what to do. I’ve always been aware that people go through things and you may not always know it. But to be honest, I thought I would have spotted the signs if it were a friend. But I didn’t…and that upset me. It reminded me that it’s so important to show love and support to the people around you, because you never know when they’ll need it the most…

As my friend opened up to me and told me about the extent of their anxiety, I could draw parallels in my own life. The feeling of anxiety wasn’t alien to me and I’ll be honest I’ve experienced it on occasions. Life can go in waves sometimes. One minute you feel like everything is going great and then the next, you feel at a loss, angry and confused. The simplest tasks can become challenging, like going to the shops or making an important telephone call. Anxiety is never something that you just wake up with one morning. It is something that gradually develops over time! And that is exactly how my friend described it.

Whenever I have began to feel anxious or low it’s usually at a point where I’ve been the least productive. For example, I may not have completed a few tasks. Or I may have avoided certain responsibilities. After a while I reach a point where I say enough is enough! And when I get like that I know I’ve hit my breaking point.

Breaking Point –Where you finally have enough of feeling like crap and realise there’s more to life 

It is at this moment that I usually decide to do something more positive with my life instead of remaining low. It’s easy to cover things up and pretend that you are OK whilst experiencing extreme anxiety on the inside. But I never saw this as beneficial to my life. I can’t sit here and say I experience it as severely as others…but I have had my moments. One thing I always did was to do everything within my power to snap out of it!

Anxiety = Ambition ??

The definition of anxiety and ambition are surprisingly similar.

Anxiety – is the strong desire or concern to do something or for something to happen.

Ambition – a strong desire to do or achieve something

Both actions require a strong desire for change. Both individuals feel intense emotions. They both live through feelings of uneasiness and being unsettled with their current life. Their current situation are constant reminders that they’re not living life to their full potential. The only thing that sets these actions apart is how they manifest themselves. Anxiety displays negative outcomes whereas ambition encourages more positive results.

But what if I said anxiety is a great indicator of your ambitious nature? What if I said that the anxiety you feel is a precursor for you to become ambitious? Would you approach your anxiety differently? We can see that anxiety and ambition are not dissimilar and that they essentially hold the same traits. However, all you have to do is make that choice to see things more positively. I believe that when you hit breaking point…it’s a great opportunity to progress onto the next level.

Unfortunately there are no quick fixes for anxiety and I know it’s something people deal with on a daily basis. But to anyone struggling with these issues I’m sending positive vibes your way…

And to my friend that inspired me to write this post, you can beat this!

Have you experienced anxiety or depression? How did you overcome it?

3 comments on “Breaking Point

  1. I am someone who struggles with severe anxiety with a touch of PTSD and I do agree that anxiety is the precursor to ambition in some ways however in the moment, it is nearly impossible for someone with the condition to simply choose to see things more positively. Most of us are approached with anxiety rather than approaching anxiety. depending on the different levels of a persons anxiety and depression, it can be an inescapable dark cloud that has to be passed and dealt with. The ways I combat my anxiety is acknowledging that I have it and that its not for anyone else to understand. I accepted it as part of my journey I have to overcome and by deliberately facing my fears and making decisions that will bring me peace and calm, I hope to see symptoms fade. Sometimes combating anxiety means being more selfish.

    • Thanks for sharing. People experience it on all levels and my experience may be completely different to another. But I think it’s great that you’re taking steps to overcome it! Don’t ever give up ! Xx

  2. I love this perspective! Anxiety and depression is something I’ve lived with over the years, and in all honesty the way that I live with it is to focus on becoming more self aware. It’s hard to explain but I have learned to recognise my own signs and just deal with it in the self care ways that I’ve learned. I’m inclined to think that more people suffer from this than we know. I wish it was spoken about a lot more. Thank you for sharing x

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