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Commitment is an act, not a word

In my previous post I outlined the issues I have with commitment. When I’m trying to improve aspects of my life, I like to research. I ask myself why? what? and how? I like to find out the true meanings of particular words. Why? because everything in this world has meaning. Things/words/people/objects don’t just exist for no reason. It is all coming from somewhere and most of the time I want to find out where.

Today I’m going to go into more detail on the definitions of commitment. This brief piece of research has helped me better understand what it means to truly commit. I hope you’ll find the topics covered interesting and thought provoking.


 1. the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.

Let’s break this down for a second. Commitment is about taking regular action for a particular cause. Being consistent is a key requirement for commitment. Both qualities go hand in hand. Without one or the other it would be difficult to achieve greatness. This is because to be committed you have to be dedicated. You have to show a level of consistency. You have to be persistent and it is only through the regular practice and a focused journey towards your goals that you will achieve success.

Commitment is the foundation.

When you decide to commit, everything must align. Your wants, dreams and hopes must reflect in your actions. The coming together of the unstoppable force that is your mind and your actions is what makes commitment so powerful. Once committed you cut off other options. You focus your energy. You decide that this is the path you’re going to take.

Now this isn’t something to be afraid of. Like myself I was fearful of cutting off options. But I can only assume that I felt this way because I wasn’t sure of what I wanted to achieve. I didn’t have a clear set of goals and I didn’t really know what I was committing to.

Commitment is thought and action

Knowing the reasons behind your commitment is half the battle. If we look at the definition of commitment further we can see that commitment is referred to as a “quality of being”. The attributes of commitment means that it’s not something you do once and forget about. It’s a characteristic that becomes so ingrained in you that it becomes apart of who you are.  It becomes apart of your very essence and worked on daily. To have something within your being means that it must become one with yourself.

Commitment is all about joining up thought with action. You cannot just think about commitment, you have to act upon it. It is finding the balance between the two. You can appear to be committed but not mentally involved. That means that somewhere along the hard road to success you’ll lose your way. Why? because you didn’t allow your commitment to become apart of your being; apart of your essence. 

Commitment & Consistency 

But to be truly committed you must become consistent. Focus your consistency and when I say that I mean, become consistent and committed for a particular cause. Have clear goals. For example, as I mentioned in my previous post I want to make a greater commitment to blogging. In order for it to be successful I need to think and understand what I want to commit to. Once this is established my thoughts will then align with my actions and then hopefully you’ll start to see the manifestation of  my commitment. [To you all, this will take the form of more regular posts from me.]

Hopefully after reading this post it has given you a better insight into what it means to be committed.

Next week I’ll explore why people find it difficult to commit.

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