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Birthday thoughts; I won’t let age be my decision maker

Friday 12th October 1990

Today is my 25th birthday

I am 25 years old.


Twenty five



You catch my drift. I’m a quarter of a century.

In the couple weeks and days leading up to my birthday I began to reflect on life and what I’d achieved so far. It’s like the anniversary of my birth prompts a flood of memories from the first day at school until the present day. I’m not fearful of getting older. I have always seen it as a blessing. Each year I spend on this earth is a blessing. When I was born it wasn’t promised that I would live to 25 years old. So to reach this age is a gift, and something to be celebrated. When I look at my mother at the age of 60; who knows how to operate an IPad, regularly posts on Facebook and has a better social life than myself I can honestly say that age is just a number! You’re as old as you feel!

This is why I refuse to feel ‘old’. I refuse to accept that my youth is over.

25th birthday meal

We forget that these ages are just numbers. Acknowledging your birthday is literally just keeping a tally of how long you’ve been on this earth. It’s a reminder that another year has passed. That’s it. Everything else we associate with age is culturally learnt. (There are a few biological exceptions but overall it’s cultural). However, not everyone embraces getting older. We (as humans) often put pressures on ourselves to do certain things by a particular age. We must get a job at 16, apply for our provisional license at 17, go to university at 18, graduate at 21 and retire at 65. Our lives are centred on ageing. We let the number of years we’ve existed determine what we do. We often hear people say “oh no I’m too old for that” when in fact no one is too old for anything! If you want to do something you’ll find a way to do it…doesn’t matter if you’re 16, 30 or 70!

 “It is not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they grow old, they grow old because they stop pursuing dreams.”

Old time friends

This quote reminded me that just because I am a year older does not mean I have to give up on my dreams. The day I start to grow old is when I forget my dreams and settle. I vow to you all and to myself that will never happen! I think in the 25th year of my life I owe it to myself to chase my dreams even more. This year I’m going to take risks and do ridiculous things no one could even dream of doing. I cannot continue to constantly do the same mundane things because I’m ‘comfortable’ or because ‘I’m getting on in age’. It’s a real struggle for us twenty somethings. The pressure is real. I feel it on a daily basis. We’re expected to establish our lives, build our foundations and find out exactly where we are going in life.

But I’m not rushing to do anything before its time. I am a free being that can literally do anything I want in this world. The feeling of commitment to a particular job or anything else is learnt. Your mind can only place importance on things that you deem important. But there is nothing…and I mean absolutely NOTHING holding you back from doing what you want. Don’t let age be an excuse. If an 84 year old man can do one of the hardest sporting challenges ever then why can’t I at 25 start exercising to live a healthier lifestyle?


Perspective is everything.

The mother and I



I am hugely blessed to have celebrated my birthday with people whom I cherish and love. For me, that is what life is about. The true essence of life is found in the connections we create and maintain. I value each and every one of my relationships and without them my life would be meaningless!

I’m excited to be another year older and I’m ready to tackle the 25th year of my life, head on and with much more confidence than last year!

Wish me a happy birthday!


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