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My university experience 2




A number I will never forget. My student card number. My email address. My identity at uni. It took me a few weeks to learn it but once I did I never forgot!

PicMonkey Collage3
My many faces at uni

Can I reminisce back to my first year of uni? 2009 to be specific. Fresh faced, a little naive and full of energy. It was around the beginning of September and it was almost time for me to pack up my belongings and move to uni. But with only a couple weeks till the beginning of term and no accommodation secured I began to panic. The thought of living off campus worried me as I wanted to be near all the ‘action’! Being far away potentially meant being isolated from the rest of the students.

help accommodation
Looks like I couldn’t find a dictionary either *covers face*

So I began for search for accommodation by surfing the the internet for hours. I looked on all the student accommodation sites you could think of. After hours of trailing through pages and pages of substandard housing I managed to compile a list of 4 properties. The first 3 properties were close to campus. The pictures made them seem habitable and they were reasonably priced. [But when I went to view them it was a different story]. The first house we visited was old, run down, cold and messy. The next one also followed the same trend. By time I had looked at the third house I thought to myself is this what student life looks like? if it is I’m not sure I want to go! Even though I was utterly disappointed in the accommodation they had to offer, I still continued on to the last viewing.

‘Something good has to come out of this’ I thought as we pulled up outside the last house.

Even before I got out the car I felt at peace with the place. The area was nice, clean and well kept. I just had a positive vibe about this one. The house wasn’t exactly close to campus nor was it your typical student accommodation, but it felt right. It came with a balcony, back garden and a garage all for £60 per week. It was a new build, modern and spacious. I couldn’t have asked for more!

Within a few minutes of entering the house I turned to the landlord and said where do I sign?! It was perfect in my eyes.

I loved my room! Ended up living there for 4 years!

After securing my accommodation my focus turned to shopping. This was my first place so I had to make it feel homely. I had to buy all the household necessities. So I spent the last few weeks of my summer holidays trailing around stores looking for budget kitchen utensils to fill my cupboards (word of warning! if you want your cutlery and saucepans to last longer than the first term don’t buy Asda price #noshade #realtalk).

broke student 2009
For some reason I was humored by the fact I was going to be broke for the next 3 years #studentlife.

Anyways it was almost the end of September and I had been mentally preparing myself for freshers week all summer. I joined countless groups on Facebook hoping to make ‘friends’. I decided which events I wanted to attend and most importantly what outfits I was going to wear!

Freshers week

Fri freshers

Either way it’s safe to say I was excited about going to university!

I think I’ll leave it there for now. My next post will be about my first few months at uni; including celebrating my first birthday away from home and going from ‘party girl’ to bookworm.

Make sure you check out part 1 then pop back on Friday to join me for another trip down memory lane.



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