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Writer’s Block; valuing my thoughts

Yes I am a few days late posting this…purely due to the reasons I speak about in this post; fear of criticism etc. But here it is, in its imperfect perfection. 

I’ve just realised today that I haven’t written a blog post in a few weeks. That’s not to say I haven’t been writing, because I have. But as per usual, I have been too critical of myself and ended up editing my documents to the point where it becomes a blank page again.

But today I will write

“My ideas and thoughts are mine to give and mine to own”.

Someone, somewhere once gave the advice that if you’re experiencing writers block then just write. Write anything that pops into your head. Allow time for your thoughts to flow from your mind onto paper; without judgement and without too much thought.

I haven’t quite decided how this post will end up. So bear with me. I’m just letting my thoughts flow.

It’s Saturday afternoon and I just finished writing a very personal and heart felt post. The content is very close to my heart and I’m not sure I can share it at this point in my life but my promise is to someday share. Once I’m over it and more at peace you’ll know.

I’m beginning to think too much into this…back to me letting these thoughts flow

I remember this young man on the train while I was in New York. While on his journey he wrote out a long list of things in his notepad. But once he finished he erased it all. I remember thinking to myself…’why spend so long writing something if you’re just going to erase it’. I still don’t know what he was writing or if it was at all important but, today I can’t help but think back to that moment. As I sit here struggling to find the words to write or even the topics to cover I can understand why he may have erased everything.

I am guilty of being highly critical of myself both on paper and in my mind. Before my thoughts or ideas can come to fruition, I analyse it until it becomes nothing. I judge it; I take away the parts people may not want to hear; I construct it in a way that is more safe and predictable. Why? Because if I’m honest I don’t like criticism. I don’t like to be told that the work I produce is not good enough. I set high standards for myself and I would not want to attach my name to something that is poor quality.

But then I think…Why do I discredit the ideas and thoughts I have? Why do I critique and pick apart my own ideas?

I understand the importance of getting my work out there when it comes to blogging. I understand that not every post needs to be perfect. But I need to get over my fear of criticism. I just need to write without placing limits on myself.

Although I might erase something in physical form i.e. from a diary, a blog post or a journal, the imprint is still in my mind. This is because our ideas and thoughts exist in a place not bound by time or judgement. Our thoughts and feelings are constant. They exist even without our help.

I thought it. Therefore it existed.

This is why I need to cement my ideas in physical form. Write them down with the intention that it can never be erased. I won’t be like the young guy on the train and erase everything that I’ve written. Today I will learn to be fluid and confident in my writing. I won’t leave ideas in my mind running the risk of losing the pure excellence of my original thought. It would be a shame to waste any more of my ideas.

I’ll leave this last thought with you…

Ideas and thoughts that are not released into the physical are a disservice to the divine creativity we have all been blessed with.

So for any other aspiring writers, bloggers or expressionists. Let your voice be heard. Time to remove the blockage and let it flow.

What do you do when you have writers block? Let me know in the comments section


2 comments on “Writer’s Block; valuing my thoughts

  1. I recently just started a blog and I went a couple weeks without writing a blog because I was afraid of the criticism, too! This blog post spoke my mind; I loved it!

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