The Ambitious Man Series

“The Ambitious Man”; Recap part 9

Approximately 7 weeks ago my series on “The Ambitious Man” started. This series aimed to explore the lives of ambitious men and to find out whether this had an impact on their relationships. I think it’s fair to conclude that ambitious men make a lot of sacrifices such as sleep, relationships, social life, money etc. The majority of men I interviewed were not in a relationship as they felt they wouldn’t be able to dedicate enough time to their partner. The ones that were in a relationship spoke about the difficulties in managing time and the importance of finding a balance! I think the real take home message is finding the balance in your life and making sure that even though you’re pursuing your dreams you’re not doing it at the expense of meaningful relationships.

If you missed out on the series or haven’t had the time to read all posts in detail here’s a quick run-down of what was discussed!

Part 1: Ladies, can you really handle an ambitious man? Ambitious men have unhealthy obsessions. They spend a lot of their time working on their craft so they can be the best. This often means that there may be less time to spend less time with you. Women in relationships with these types of men need to be emotionally stable, live a life of sacrifice and be very supportive.

Part 2: Take interest in his vision. It was discussed that it is important to have a connection and a common purpose whilst in a relationship with an ambitious man. Taking time to find out what his vision is about will ensure that you’re both on the same page and working towards the same goals.

Part 3: Nadina spoke about how she supports her husband by taking care of the home and family. She advised other young women to be as supportive as possible and make sure you both take time out to reconnect.

Part 4: First up to share their experiences was Michael Tefula an author and entrepreneur. He spoke about how he quit his corporate job to become an entrepreneur. A lot of his time is taken up working on his projects and he felt that being in a relationship with his current schedule would be difficult.

Part 5: Joshua was our rom-com fan and multi-talented ambitious man from Nottingham. He spoke about his vision of changing a generation and his addiction to self-improvement. He spoke about finding the balance in his current relationship and making sure his girlfriend feels loved even when he’s away.

Part 6: Dominic was our sweet toothed project manager and entrepreneur from London. He spoke about making big sacrifices and working round the clock to achieve his dreams. He also spoke about the positive side of being in a relationship with his supportive fiancé who now is getting used to the fact he doesn’t work a 9 – 5.

Part 7: Simon was our midnight owl business owner and high school teacher. He spoke about his company “Show up” which showcases quality art form talent. His long term vision was to make the company into a worldwide successful empire. He also spoke about the fact that being in a relationship could potentially hinder your success because of the amount of time needed to make it successful.

Part 8: Jeiso was our director and business owner. He spoke about sacrificing his relationships, girlfriends, hobbies and social life to work towards his goals. He openly spoke about his difficulty in juggling his business and a relationship that unfortunately didn’t work out. However, he sees the positives in this situation and says he now has more time to focus on pursuing his vision.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone that contributed to this series!

Please leave your comments below. I would love to hear what you all thought about this series? More of the same?


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