The Ambitious Man Series

“The Ambitious Man”: Let’s hear from Dominic Part 6


Dominic Emmanuel Dadson from Saaf London

Tell us a random fact about yourself:

New Orleans Is my favourite place on earth

What is your current occupation?

I make most of my money at the moment mainly via project management. I have several clients that I have contracts with who commission me to do work throughout the year in the music and media sector.

What have you achieved in your profession that you’re most proud of? 

I think my 1st sponsorship deal with Roland for an online music show I created in 2008 always stands out. I was still at uni at the time and I put a great team together to create an online music show for unsigned artists. We had the likes of Katy B and Ed Sheeran and Labrinth on the show. They were all unknown at the time. I used my student loan to produce it and manage to get a good sponsorship from Roland and the BBC to keep the shows running for some time. We ended up being nominated for a spirit of London award and got a personal invite to 10 Downing Street to meet Gordon brown at the time.

What is your long term vision for yourself? 

To run an established record label and hopefully in the next 5-10 years that’s what I’ll be doing.

What drives you to do what you do? 

Everyone’s different but for me I think it’s genetic because not everyone can be an entrepreneur. It takes a certain type of person to believe in yourself and have that motivation to start a business. I haven’t had a 9-5 job ever. Probably only one time when I was 15 and I worked in Gap as a Christmas temp… But through school and college I was hustling to support myself playing in bands, churches etc. It’s not easy and I don’t recommend not having a steady income unless your 100% in what you want to do and totally believe in your own visions and ventures!

What have you sacrificed or willing to sacrifice to achieve your vision? 

Money! Putting up your own money to make things happen can  be the biggest sacrifice at times I’m working on a few different new projects at the moment and they all take money so unless you have investment from a millionaire or someone who believes in you the money may have to be a loan from a bank which is always risky…

Example being, last year I met a local music artist in Nottingham. She was at a stage where she felt she wasn’t making much progress and I kind of bumped into her and really saw potential. I was like we need to do something together; I believe you can do well. I put some money up and I got her into a studio and produced an EP with her and a real talented producer I know from London. I was also planning my wedding with my fiancé so she wasn’t too happy that I invested so much money which was understandable as it wasn’t a small amount it was quite a lot for us. But I was willing to sacrifice that. We’ve done the EP  and got it to number 4 on the iTunes R&B charts and from that I’m now co-managing her with a guy called Kwame Kwaten who’s a very experienced manager and much more connected than me in the music industry  (he discovered and managed Shola Ama in  the 90s and currently manages  Laura Mvula,). From teaming up with Kwame we  signed an album deal with a great producer called Yoad Nevo who has produced for some greats including Bryan Adams, Pet Shop Boys, Girls Aloud etc. We are still on our journey to success but that’s just a small example of how you can make things happen yourself with self-investment.

Are you currently in a relationship? how do you juggle your relationship with your work life? How do you think being single would change the pursuit of your vision:

 Being single at times could be easier because I wouldn’t say I’m where I want to be and still there are decisions I need to make which could financially affect us as a couple. But I think at the same time being in a relationship is amazing and if you can find the right lady who believes in you that can also be the key to give you the extra confidence you need to take your ideas to the next level. My fiancé is still getting used to the fact I don’t work 9-5 and this takes adjustment. Sometimes she expects me to drop what I’m doing  in the evening but sometimes it’s not always possible especially if I’ve got a big project I’m planning for that week. I could be doing it till midnight. So sometimes we take weekends away where I turn my phone off etc. She’s very supportive and she’s helped in a lot of ways. We’ve been together for over 2 years and a lot of the stuff I was doing when we 1st met was up in the air and there wasn’t much stability. But now things are more stable for me I can support her more like she supported me 2 years ago. It can be a blessing to be with someone that’s a bit more stable minded than you. It’s always good to have that backbone to help put things forward. We have an amazing honeymoon to look forward to and of course we’re going to New Orleans and then we’re cruising in  the Bahamas.

What characteristics would you look for in a woman? 

They don’t need to be anything like me. Opposites attract in some ways.  My fiancé and I are opposite people. The only thing we have in common is the love of mostly the same music, same food, watching movies etc. But we try to support each other’s dreams and aspirations. Her dreams are different. It’s all about finding the middle ground. She doesn’t want to be in a high position at work or have her own business necessarily. Her dream is to go out to Africa and train midwives on how to do things the right way as she is a midwife here at the NHS. It’s not always about making it as a millionaire; it’s about having the right heart and having a purpose. If you’ve got a purpose in life you’ll always be ok because you have something to strive and wake up for.

3 comments on ““The Ambitious Man”: Let’s hear from Dominic Part 6

  1. Great read ! Need more exposure for men who are doing positive things!

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