The Ambitious Man Series

“The Ambitious Man”; Let’s hear from Michael Part 4

  • Name: Michael Tefula
  • Tell us a random fact about yourself: My life is a bit like a cocktail: I was once a skateboarder. Did a bit of 3D design in my teens. Used to breakdance. Earned cash from making music and over a few years grew my YouTube channel to have over 1.5 million plays. I also run a t-shirt business and fashion website while at university and made money off that too! I love trying new things and hope to always be a keen learner.
  • What is your current occupation? Author and entrepreneur.
  • What have you achieved in your profession that you’re most proud of? I’m very grateful for getting a book deal with the major publisher Palgrave Macmillan. My first book, How to Get a First, has since been translated to Chinese and Arabic and I am now writing a third book.
  • What is your long-term vision for yourself? My long-term vision is twofold. First, it’s to be in a position where I can invest in and back entrepreneurs, particularly those from less privileged backgrounds. Second, I’d love to do something in the education and art sectors. But most of this work requires access to lots of money and time, so my long-term vision also includes personal financial success!
  • What drives you to do what you do? My long-term vision is what drives me today. I have no trouble waking up before everyone or going to bed later than everyone else if it means I can have more time working towards my goals. But more generally, I’m driven by having a very curious mind and desire to set ambitious goals which I can achieve in creative ways. This makes life both interesting and very satisfying.
  • What have you sacrificed or are you willing to sacrifice to achieve your vision? The biggest sacrifice I made was to quit my corporate job in order to spend a year practising and learning about entrepreneurship. I left a good salary, career progression, and job security in exchange for an opportunity to learn what it takes to start a business. As a side note, sacrifices are necessary for success but I believe in limiting your downside as much as you can. If I fail in business, I have qualifications and experiences that can lead to a number of other fulfilling careers so quitting my job wasn’t as dramatic as some thought it to be.
  • Are you currently in a relationship? And do you think a relationship would affect the pursuit of your vision?I’m single at the moment and I think it’s mainly down to time. I work a lot (though I’m trying to have 1 day off a week) and if I were to get into a relationship now I’d probably only see my girlfriend once or twice a week. I’m yet to meet someone who’d be OK with that. However, I’m hopeful (and I’m actually working hard on this) that I’ll find a better balance and/or someone who’s understanding of what it takes to achieve some of the larger things I’m pursuing.
  • What characteristics would you look for in a woman? I have a soft spot for women who are charitable, generous, and intelligent. I’m also drawn to women who are so passionate about something in life that they aren’t afraid of having a bit of skin in the game – that is, they’re willing to take the path less travelled in order to have a positive impact on the world. And of course, it doesn’t hurt to be attractive either!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. I have worked with Michael a few times and can definitely see that he is a hardworking and ambitious man. I hope you found his answers both insightful and inspiring.

Be sure to check out his books and personal website. Links below!

Michael’s Books –

Michael’s Website –

Next week we’ll be hearing from Joshua; an aspiring footballer and entrepreneur (also my lovely boyfriend for the past 5 years)

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