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Why celebrating your successes is stunting your personal development

Celebrating your successes can be a fulfilling time. Taking the time out to recognise and celebrate achieving your goals can leave you feeling happy and it gives other people around you the opportunity to share the moment with you. However, celebrating your successes too much too often could be stunting your personal development.

“There’s a difference between celebrating your successes and acknowledging it. One is stunting your growth. The other will move you onto the next stage quicker”

You lose focus

Celebrating your successes is an act of praising and honouring ones achievement. It’s an occasion where you revere the moment. You reflect on what you’ve just achieved and it can be a great time to share this with loved ones. But too much celebration of your successes can seriously impact your personal development. By praising and honouring an achieved goal causes you to stop in time and only focus on that which you’ve already done. Your mind set immediately shifts towards instant gratification and you begin to look for things that reaffirm your achievement and make you feel good about yourself.

But acknowledging your successes allows you to feel a small sense of achievement and keep on going. It gives you the brief moment to actively reflect. Just like when you tick something off your to-do list. The moment is brief. You look at what you achieved and you tick it off and move onto the next item. In essence, acknowledging your successes will follow the same process. You need to learn how to create a mental tick list to acknowledge your achievements and then refocus onto the next item.

It creates complacency

“Those that have been enlightened on their purpose in life will not feel at ease with complacency”

Complacency can be a comfortable place to be. It takes the pressure off. It gives you time to sit back and feel like you’ve made it. We celebrate with friends. We drink. We party. We go clothes shopping. We do whatever we like that rewards us. It makes us feel accomplished and productive. But an extended celebration of your successes can create complacency and stunt your personal growth. For example, your goal was to become an international corporation but you just achieved an award for best entrepreneur in your local community and you feel accomplished? No, no, no! Don’t become complacent. It was never your end goal just to be the owner of a local community award! Your dream was to be known internationally. Never stop halfway up the mountain of life. Keep pushing and keep striving.

It slows down the rate of progression

“Time spent celebrating doesn’t get you to your next milestone any quicker. So keep it moving’”

The progression of your personal development should go at a consistent rate. Each day you should be improving, learning and mastering your craft. But taking precious time out to celebrate your success is stunting your personal growth. For example, going for a pint with friends, buying yourself a new outfit or booking a holiday. What is that really doing for your future? Those hours, days and weeks spent celebrating, spending money and spending the highest currency of them all… time! Is potentially the difference between launching your business ahead of your competitors and coming into the market too late. In the moments you’re not working…you can guarantee someone else out there is working…and probably working smarter too! You haven’t got the time to sit back and feel accomplished when you’re only on step 4 out of 10 of your life goals. Up the tempo and keep up the rate of progression.

When you have a passion and drive to achieve something there is a sense of urgency. It’s all you can think about and if you’re not making movements towards that you feel like you’re being unproductive and going backwards. Those that find themselves stopping at each achieved goal looking around for a pat on the back will never reach their ultimate goals. By then someone else would be living your dream and probably doing a better job at it! We all have limited time. Don’t sleep on your dreams. Don’t celebrate until you’ve ticked off Every. Last. Thing. on your list.

But if you are truly ambitious…the journey never ends until you take your last breath. Keep persisting and keep pushing. Don’t stop and don’t celebrate for too long. You’ve got things to do, lives to change and impact to be made. So readers, dream big and work harder!

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