The Ambitious Man Series

“The Ambitious Man”; Let’s hear from the women Part 3

Last week we explored the importance of taking interest in your partner’s vision. It was identified that ambitious men need women that are caring, supportive and also ambitious. This week we’ve interviewed the wife of a very successful entrepreneur and asked her a few questions about the dynamics of their relationship.

  • Name Nadina Murray
  • What is your current occupation? Teacher
  • What does your husband/partner do? CEO of a recruitment agency
  • How would you describe your husbands/partner work ethic? What do they do on a day to day? My husband is very busy, usually with a to-do list longer than he can manage.  He works hard and doesn’t rest until the jobs are done. On a daily basis, he oversees the running of the business which includes back office, front office, finances and performance management.  In addition to this, he works on strategies and employs methods to envelop and grow the business to the next level

image2 (2)

  • What changes have you made to support him in achieving his goals? I support him in some of his work tasks where possible. I ensure the home and family are taken care of.  Offer support and show understanding where necessary such as working late or early rises or the need to take time out for exercise etc.  Most importantly, provide a peaceful home to return to each day and insist on down time.
  • What advice can you give to other young women who are already in a relationship with an ambitious man or seeking one? To be as supportive as possible but to also insist on taking time out for each other to reconnect. This would be through regular date nights or having a cut off time for electrical gadgets so you can have each other’s undivided attention.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Nadina and her husband are very close friends of the family and I would just like to thank them for sharing their story with us.

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