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Ambitious women; Let’s hear from Natalie A

Name: Natalie Agyeman-Asubonteng

Tell us a random fact about yourself: My flexibility is off point! I can’t touch my toes.

What is your current occupation? I currently work as a Creative Assistant for a media company.

Would you class yourself as an ambitious woman? Yes I do, but putting that ambition into practice is not always easy.

Have you always been ambitious? If not what was the turning point for you? I would say that I have been but to a certain extent. It probably wasn’t until summer 2009 that I really started outwardly being ambitious. I finally realised after my degree that knew I wanted to go back into fashion

What is your biggest achievement to date? Being the founder of an outreach initiative in Nottingham called 1-Reach.

What is your long term vision for yourself? The dream is to be a fashion designer. I want to own my own label. One that encourages people to be individuals, rather than blending in with the crowd. I want to empower people through my designs and improve their confidence through the values and ethos of the brand. I also want to inspire people to pursue their dreams through my own journey and through others via my blog (which I really need to keep on top of).

What have you sacrificed or willing to sacrifice to achieve your vision? Time. Time is one of the biggest things I have had to sacrifice. I’ve had to put time aside to perfect my craft mentally and physically. I’ve been doing some short courses since November last year in fashion design and pattern cutting which have been very beneficial.

I also sacrificed comfort at one point. I was in a secure job and I felt like I had to take that leap of faith and leave because I felt like it wasn’t helping me pursue my dream to fashion.

What advice can you give to other young women that want to pursue their dreams but are afraid to do so? Know what YOU want to achieve in life. Don’t go by what your friends, family and other loved ones want you to do. Once you know, as Shia Labeouf says and Nike ‘JUST DO IT!!!!’. Don’t doubt yourself. Be confident. Also… Plan your time properly (sooooo important)!

Thank you for reading. Be sure to check out Natalie’s social media pages!

Natalie’s Blog – Pursue:Inspire: https://pursueinspire.wordpress.com/

Instagram: www.instagram.com/pursueinspire

Pinterest: https://uk.pinterest.com/PursueInspire/

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