The Ambitious Man Series

“The Ambitious Man”; Ladies, can you really handle one? Part 1

This is part 1 in the series of “The Ambitious Man”. This series will be posted every Wednesday for the next few weeks. We will cover topics on what it means to be an ambitious man, what it’s like to be in a relationship with one and a few real life examples of young ambitious men.

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Time to be honest with yourself ladies. Can you really handle an ambitious man?

I may be very traditional in my thinking but I believe most women want to be looked after. Women want to be protected and cared for. They look for partners that can provide security and stability. Whilst some men have already made it, there are still plenty of young men out there trying to make it! These are the ones possibly with no job, no income but are still aspiring to be the next president, world class footballer or multi award winning singer.

I’m sure we can agree that being ambitious is a desirable trait. Women like the the idea of having a successful partner. But ladies, have you really considered what it would be like being in a relationship with one?

Before you answer that question we need to understand what I mean when I use the term “ambitious man”.

Ambitious men have unhealthy obsessions 

An ambitious man is someone that has a desire for some type of achievement. This can be evidenced through power or wealth. Make no mistake here, it is NOT based on their current situation. It’s based on their mindset. Even if this man is the lowest paid employee of the company but has the desires and dreams of becoming a business owner and is taking measured steps to get there…that is an ambitious man!

The main characteristic of an ambitious man is their unhealthy obsession with success. They have a persistent desire to be the best. It consumes their lives. So if it means spending extra time practicing his skills or developing an idea that’s what he will do.

When he’s truly ambitious; first place is his only option!

Ambitious men are too busy for you

But being with an ambitious man requires a lot of sacrifice. Let’s look at some examples of highly successful men.

Howard Schultz (CEO of Starbucks) – works 13 hour shifts each day and comes home and does more work

Tom Ford (Fashion Designer and Director) – Sleeps only 3 hours a night. The rest of his day is spent working on his business

Jeff Bezo (Amazon CEO) – In the early days at Amazon he worked 12 hour shifts 7 days a week.

Michael Jordan (NBA Legend) – Spent his time off the court practising hundreds of jump shots a day

Ryan Seacrest (American idol host) – hosts a radio show, runs a production company while appearing on E! tv channel!

From these few examples, the one thing that is striking is the amount of time they put into their work. Working 12 hour shifts doesn’t leave much time for date nights! The majority of their time is allocated to their unhealthy obsession with success!

Now an ambitious man may seem attractive at first because they are more likely to end up having the money, nice car, big house etc. However, the realities of being in a relationship with one may leave you thinking it’s not worth it.

Ambitious men don’t need emotionally unstable women 

So before pursuing an ambitious man check that;

a) you’re secure and emotionally stable

b) you have your own vision

c) you’re willing to do whatever it takes to support your partner

There is no room for needy and emotionally unstable women in relationships with ambitious men. You may spend a lot of time apart. So you need to be prepared to allow them time to focus on developing their craft. Time wasted on petty arguments and bickering will only inhibit your partner’s potential. You’ll need to look past your own insecurities and try to understand your partner’s vision. You’ll need to think of ways that can help them achieve their goals.

Ultimately, an ambitious man needs someone that is supportive and understanding of their vision. Your relationship may be put on hold because your partner is pursuing their dreams. Things such as date nights and holidays may have to take a back seat when pursuing dreams. But if you’re able to believe wholeheartedly in your partner’s dream then you’ll support them in the best way possible!

Be prepared to live a life of sacrifice 

If you’re attracted to ambitious men then be prepared to live a life of sacrifice. Pursuing dreams is not a quest for the tame. It involves a lot of commitment, risk and sacrifice. But ask yourself these three questions.

Are you willing to support your partner wholeheartedly?

Would you give up on your own dreams to help your partner achieve theirs?

Do you have enough character to put up with the challenges that come with dream chasing?

Make a mental note of your answers or comment below.

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**This blog series has been inspired from my own personal experience dating an ambitious man for the past 9 years** [Updated 22/02/18]


4 comments on ““The Ambitious Man”; Ladies, can you really handle one? Part 1

  1. This post brought me a lot of insight. I was actually attracted to a guy who has ambitious traits and have realised that no matter how much they say they like you, they are likely to forget about you lol. You just have to be willing to accept them for who/what they are even if you feel neglected at times.

    Good read, Natalie 🙂

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