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You still don’t know your purpose?!

You probably clicked this link because the title resonated with you…you may be almost in your mid-twenties like myself and still haven’t quite figured out where you fit in this world.

I try to be as open and honest as possible in my blog posts. I would never want to create a false sense of happiness and perfection to you all because quite frankly life doesn’t work like that. I have had ups and downs. Moments of great happiness and moments of great sadness. Since 18 I felt this strong urge to find my “purpose”. I needed to find the reason why I was put on this earth. Sounds extreme, but that’s how I felt. I felt that if I didn’t find my purpose then this life was in vain. It seemed like everyone was happily walking down the paths they had set out for themselves and I was stood still in time trying to find mine.

Lovely garden in Majorca

Sixth form teachers and lecturers had me believe that I was going to walk out of university with a greater sense of purpose and value to society. They told me work hard and you’ll get a good job. Unfortunately my first degree failed to prepare me for the real world causing me to lack the hands on experience most employers required. So after I graduated I pursued more education in hopes to somehow find my purpose in a book. Not surprisingly I didn’t find it there.Education did not bring happiness, nor did it define my purpose. Yes I entered into jobs that were suited to my qualifications but I still didn’t feel that was my ‘purpose’. So I tried different things along the way such as organising charity events, sports, volunteering and Youtube videos about natural hair. None of which really felt like my purpose.

At one point I’ll be honest, I thought I found my purpose. I wanted to be a social worker. I thought that because I was a caring person I was destined to go into a profession that reflected these characteristics. But then I thought…Just because I fit into the criteria of a particular profession didn’t mean that was my purpose.

Just think…do you think social workers were around 1000s of years ago?…can you imagine social services coming to take the child of a cave man because they were concerned of their welfare? Haha no. That would have been a ridiculous concept. Even today there are parts of the world that still don’t have social services provision. My point is, is that these careers that we aspire to get have not always existed. Someone identified a need for social services. They saw that the welfare of children and other vulnerable groups needed extra protection. But as easily as these professions were created…they can easily be removed. Times change. Paradigms shift. This is why it’s important for me to find my purpose outside the realms of already established careers/ concepts.

I’m on a discovery to find what makes me happy. I repeat. What makes ME happy. Not other people. But me. I’m open to whatever the world has to offer me. I recently started to enjoy writing again, hence my blog. A previous past time from when I was a child has resurfaced in my twenties. I love it. I feel at peace when I’m writing. But I’m not going to make the mistake and put pressure on myself to say this is my purpose. I’m trying new things, ditching the old things and just experiencing life in the best way possible!

So even though university didn’t turn out the way I had envisaged. It did provide me with great opportunities and skills.So do I regret going? No. Again it’s all about the journey. I needed to go to university and get jobs that I didn’t like so I could realise there was more to life. So if you were expecting this blog post to say ‘guys I’ve seen the light. I now know my purpose’ then sorry. That’s not the case. But I tell you what, I have found peace in doing the things that I love…not because it gives me money but because it allows me to express myself, it allows me to be free.

So ultimately, don’t feel pressured to find your ‘purpose’ before you’re 21, 30 or even 60! If you find you don’t quite fit into a particular profession/career, don’t be afraid to create your own. That’s right create your own career. Sorry to be cliché but think outside the box. We’re more creative than we think…we just need to give our minds the opportunity to prove itself. Develop your passion. Work on it and be the best at it.

I hope you too can find peace in whatever you’re doing. Enjoy the now.


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