How to be successfully unemployed

Unemployed and successful? Two words you probably wouldn’t expect to see in the same sentence. Unemployment tends to be portrayed as a desperate, mentally debilitating and isolating time in someone’s life. The psychological effects on unemployed individuals can lead to depression amongst other anti-social behaviours. Society often attributes unemployment as a cause for anti-social behaviour and crime.

However, I disagree. People are responsible for their lives. You choose how to react to certain situations including unemployment. Quite often we falsely attribute unemployment as a loss of control. Yes, you have lost your job. Lost your income and arguably your confidence. But one thing you’ve gained is TIME! Time is the most valuable thing in this world. It comes and goes so quickly. Every moment should be cherished and lived to the full!

So now let me explain why being unemployed is great. By being unemployed you’ve immediately gained an extra 2220 minutes that you would have spent doing a 37 hour week job! Now what you do with this extra time is what determines if you’re a candidate for a successful unemployment. Ultimately it’s your choice! You can choose to use this time to sit at home and feel sorry for yourself or you can go out and get what you want!

So how do you become successfully unemployed?

  • Invest time into yourself

Instead of watching endless hours of mentally draining TV try spending time with yourself. Learn about what you like. Start a journal online or offline. Have somewhere to write your thoughts and feelings down. From that you’ll be able to identify areas for development and gain more clarity in thinking.

  • Write down your goals

Always work towards an objective or goal. Whether it’s realistic or completely ridiculous! Make sure you’re working towards something. It gives you purpose

  • Hang around people that are uplifting and ambitious

Spend less time talking to negative friends. Find people that are on a higher level than you mentally. Spend time with them. Pester them. Find out what makes them tick. Find out why they’re so happy. It will eventually rub off on you

  • Keep active

This can be through exercise or just getting out the house going for a walk, meeting up with an old friend.

  • Find your passion

Self-explanatory. Do what you love.

So it’s that simple. Apply those 5 things to your life and regain control! I wish you a successful unemployment!


4 comments on “How to be successfully unemployed

  1. Leigh-Ann

    I love this! Very insightful. When I spent months at home unemployed, I really took the time to invest in myself which helped me find myself and what I love to do. Thanks for touching this subject 🙂

  2. but what about paying those bills? lol

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